Response to
Our Review
Of Wasted

Dear Ralph:

I read what you said about Wasted and how you mock those who are suffering. You don't know how much pain we go through. We don't do it because we want to we do it because we HAVE to. You laugh at us but someday they can do something to you so you know what you are doing when you laugh at us. Someday they will tie you down and then pass roast beef and mash potatoes and lemon-tart pies and tangy sauces before your nose. You will be tied down so you can't have it. Then they will let you lose and they will set it up on a table with candlelight and silver service and they will let you eat everything you want but after you eat it they will take you in the next room and make you puke it all up again, the roast beef and the lemon pie and the sweet sauce. Then you will know. You can't laugh at what is happening to us and you should be ashamed for not careing.


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