H. L. Mencken and Sin
A Response to
H. L. Mencken on

Ralph Magasine:

I read youre blasfemes and I wonder. Who do you think you are. Saying bad things about God & Our Lord & Savior. Whered you learn such bad things. You got the Devil in you, and he will eat you alive. You give into the Devil and youre going to wake up one day in hell the fires burneing you to sinders burning and it never going to stop. It will hurt, and It will be forever not onlie today or tomorrow but FOREVER. You say those bad words about Our Lord & Savior and one day you learn that the bolt can come down and blow you to Eternity too. I laughed at Jesus like you do until one day He came to me and Struck Me Down and I got on my knees and preyed and so I learned that you don't do that unless you want to Burn in Hell For Ever. Wake Up Sinner!!! Read the 4TH Parable!

Fern Truitt

Dear Carlos A. Amantea:

Senator Helms has asked me to contact you relative to your request for tobacco growing funds. Our office is aware of your problem and be assured that if any money is left after Al Gore gets his you will be considered.



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