R  A  L  P  H
  The Review of Arts, Literature, Philosophy and the Humanities  
Volume XV, Number 2 --- Early Winter, 1998 - 1999

Books that have been sent to us
within the last fortnight or so, including:
Fetish,The Writings of
Kenneth Starr, Maggots, and
Thoughts on our Drug Wars.

The Yale Younger Poets Anthology
"George Bradley...is a perfect fit into the teeny keyhole
that we know of as the East Coast Poetry Establishment,
the perfect snob to edit an anthology that spans
the seventy-five or so years of the Yale Younger Poets series. "

"The essence of the Yoga revelation is that an adept,
by the double device of thinking profoundly and breathing
deeply, can throw off the trammels of the body and become
a sort of gaseous angel, purged of sin and
as happy as the boy who killed his father."

An Abundant Life
"Although he counselled thousands of young Mormon servicemen
during the two world wars, there is no record of his suggesting
that his charges even think for a moment of honoring
Luke 6:27, Matthew 5:39, or Exodus 20:13."

The Illness Narratives
"People suffering from long-term pain
are a genuine pain to physicians because
they mock what American Medicine is all about,
namely, solving a medical problem."

Cooking Bear, Sailing Across the Pacific,
Murders in Utah, Bumming Around America,
and a Review of Roget's International Thesaurus

"The French landed at Very Cruz and marched
on the capitol with wagons filled with baguettes and petits-fours.
The defenders of Mexico expropriated the wagons,
ate themselves silly, and were overrun."

The Ward
"The entire ward, eighteen men in various contortions, surrounded
the blind, softly crying young man and began to touch him, tentatively,
gently, wherever we could, feet, hands, legs, arms, shoulders,
delicately massaging the torn face through the bandages."

Letter from Uppland #3
"Spansk Bondomelett is probably Spanish omelette with Bondo.
And Pelotas en Salsa Roja is without a doubt baseballs
in red sauce, although I am at a loss to explain
what it is doing on a Swedish menu."

"Something tells me that extraordinary measures are necessary
to reach this woman. And so, I take the hand of Cheryl, a warm
and caring LPN, hold it high overhead, and lead the way into the room
doing a Greek folk dance, the Yerakine, singing aloud in Greek..."

Nightlife in Shanghai
"Shanhaikwan, it is interesting to note,
has the smallest fleas in China;
they are much prized by collectors,
but I was fortunate enough to secure
three or four fine specimens."

Frying The Flag
"Minister Fined for Kissing in Pubic.
Wedding Bulls Ring out for Princess.
Queen of Holland Gives Panty for Ex-Service Men.
More Dogs Have Babies This Summer in Belgrade."

What lips my lips have kissed
"What lips my lips have kissed,
and where, and why,
I have forgotten,
and what arms have lain
Under my head till morning..."

The Somnambulistic Ballad
"Green green I want you green:
Green the wind, green the branches.
The ship upon the sea
and the horse in the mountain."

Pub Poem
"I'll marry the bent mirror in the back
where I pin up my marmalade hair
and stare at lips as red as cocktail sauce
the round everpresent planet of mouth
and fragile freckled arms who miss the man who slipped away."

On Sin & Sinders
"You give into the Devil and
youre going to wake up one day in hell
the fires burneing you to sinders
burneing and it never going to stop."

"Senator Helms has asked me
to contact you relative to
your request for tobacco growing funds."

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