NUMBERS 10 - 19

Summer 2001 - Early Fall 2003
[In Reverse Order]

Early Fall, 2003 [#19]

Juke Joint
Birney Imes,

(University Press of Mississippi)

Husbands Eaten by Ferocious Tigers
Ananya Roy
(University Press of Minnesota)

Reneé Gisell

Schubert's Winterreise
A Winter Journey in
Poetry, Image, and Song

John Harbison, Susan Youens
(University of Wisconsin Press)

Sleeping with the Dictionary
Harryette Mullen
(University of California Press)

Tumbling After
Pedaling Like Crazy after Life Goes Downhill
Susan Parker

Remarkable Trees
Of the World

Thomas Pakenham

Radical Compassion
Finding Christ in
The Heart of the Poor

Gary Smith, S. J.
(Jesuit Way/Loyola)

Serve It Forth
Mary F. K. Fisher
(North Point Press)

Down & Out
The Life and Death of
Minneapolis's Skid Row

Joseph Hart,
Edwin Hirschoff,

(University of Minnesota Press)

So Many Books, So Little Time
A Year of Passionate Reading
Sara Nelson

The Au Pair, on Barbiturates
Michael Earl Craig

Breath Sweeps Mind
Jakusho Kwong Roshi
(Sounds True Audio)

Spring 2003 [#18]

Media Violence and its Effect on Aggression
Assessing the Scientific Evidence
Jonathan L. Freedman
(University of Toronto)

Nativity Poems
Joseph Brodsky
(Farrar Straus)

Pied Piper:
The Many Lives of Noah Greenberg
James Gollin
(Pendragon Press)

American Standard
John Blair

The Rejection Slip Blues
Carlos Amantea

The Chrysler Building
Creating a New Icon Day by Day
David Stravitz
(Princeton Architectural)

RALPH Magazine and
the Other RALPH

The Hamilton-Medewar
Treatment of Mortality
Dr. Phage

Shy Bladder Syndrome
Your Step-by-Step Guide
To Overcoming Paruresis

Steven Soifer, et al
(New Harbinger)

L. W. Milam

Letter to Poetry Magazine
Lolita Lark

Late Fall 2002 [#17]
[Note: Financial problems precluded our sending out #17. Thus, some of these items are duplicated in Folio #18.]

Shy Bladder Syndrome
Your Step-by-Step Guide
To Overcoming Paruresis

Steven Soifer, et al
(New Harbinger)

My Fine Feathered Friend
William Grimes
(North Point)

Nanaprobe Tracers and

Pied Piper:
The Many Lives of Noah Greenberg
James Gollin
(Pendragon Press)

Portrait of a Burger as a Young Calf
The Story of One Man, Two Cows, and
the Feeding of a Nation

Peter Lovenheim

The Hamilton-Medewar
Treatment of Mortality
Dr. Phage

Jacobson's Organ
And the Remarkable Nature of Smell
Lyall Watson

The Rejection Slip Blues
Carlos Amantea

Yoga Mala
The Seminal Guide to
Ashtanga Yoga by The Living Master
Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

(North Point)

Late Summer 2002 [#16]

Doctors and Discoveries
Lives that Created Today's Medicine
John Galbraith Simmons
(Houghton Mifflin)

The Death of Sweet Mister
Daniel Woodrell

The Compact Peters World Atlas
The Earth in True Proportion
Kummerly & Bern
Oxford Cartographers


Franz Wright

Learning to Fall
The Blessings of
An Imperfect Life

Philip Simmons

The Desert Smells Like Rain
A Naturalist in
O'odham Country

Gary Paul Nabhan
(University of Arizona)

The Little Girl Who Was Too Fond of Matches
Gaétan Soucy

The Voice of the Poet: Wallace Stevens
J. D. McClatchy
(Random House Audio)

Raw Meat Speed Bumps
Carlos Amantea

Concerning the sale of one testicle

Going Down
The Instinct Guide to Oral Sex
Ben R. Rogers, Joel Perry

Ceramic Water Closets
Munroe Blair

Joseph Millar
(Eastern Washington University Press)

Why our e-mail address is "poo"

Early Summer 2002 [#15]

My Brilliant Career
Dr. Phage

Among the Missing
Dan Chaon

St. Agnes and the Passion of the Dunes
Wilfred McCorkle

The Mordida
Carlos Amantea

Madagascar Wildlife
A Visitor's Guide
Nick Garbutt, Hilary Brandt, Derek Schuurman
(Brandt/Globe Pequot)

Arizona Traveller's Handbook
Bill Weir

The Invisible Made Visible
Angels from the Vatican
Allen Duston, Arnold Nesselrath
(Art Services International/Abrams)

G. B. Shaw Does Dallas

The Night Torn with Mad Footsteps
Charles Bukowski
(Black Sparrow)

The Voice of the Poet:
Langston Hughes
(Random House Audio)

Public Relations and Osama Bin Laden

Twenty-Five Worthy Books
The Editors of RALPH

Early Spring 2002 [#14]

"Sin Nombre"
A Story

All the King's Men
Revised Version
Robert Penn Warren
Noel Polk, Editor

Re: Dale Smith and Cradle of Valor

Desert Survivor
The Adventurer's Guide to Exploring the Great American Desert
John Annerino
(Four Walls Eight Windows)

The End The End

Summer in Baden-Baden
Leonid Tsypkin
Roger and Angela Keys, Translators
(New Directions)

Taking Haiti
Military Occupation and the Culture of U. S. Imperialism--- 1915 - 1940
Mary A. Renda
(Chapel Hill)

The Egg Man of The Fillmore:
Leslie A. Wattles
Otto W. Fedders, PhD
(Omphaloskepsis Press)

Paradox of the Month
The Inside & The Outside

The Best American Essays of the Century
Joyce Carol Oates, Robert Atwan, Editors
(Houghton Mifflin)

More Letters
"I was shocked and disgusted by your lack of empathy for a devastating mental illness"
"I thoroughly enjoyed RALPH'S atomization of Jason Epstein's idiotic book."

The Stranger Next Door
The Story of a Small Community's Battle over Sex, Faith, and Civil Rights
Arlene Stein
(Beacon Press)

Early Winter 2001 [#13]

Editors' Picks
Twenty-one of the best and the brightest titles that have come our way in the last six months.

The Biography of Karl Marx
Francis Wheen

Gangrene and Glory
Medical Care During the American Civil War
Frank R. Freemon

The Same Sea
A Reading
Amos Oz

The Floating Opera
John Barth

The Autobiography of Abbie Hoffman
(Four Walls/Eight Windows)

Animal Quackers
(On raising ducks)

Of Beetles and Angels
A True Story of the American Dream
Mawi Asgedon

My Friend, You Are Legally Blind
A Writer's Struggle with Macular Degeneration
Charles Champlin
(John Daniel & Co.)

Early Fall 2001 [#12]

Being Dead
Jim Crace
(Picador USA)

Let Us Now Praise Famous Men
James Agee
Walker Evans, Photographs
(Houghton Mifflin/Mariner)

San Diego: A Pictorial History
Raymond G. Starr

The RALPH Top Pop Hits
Those reviews in RALPH from the last seven years
receiving the most hits over the past few weeks.

My Lucky Star
Zdenka Fantolvá
Translated by Deryck Viney

National Private Radio
Some thoughts on the 30th Anniversary of the founding of NPR
L. W. Milam

Testament of Revolution
Béla Lipták
(Texas A & M Press)

Keep Singing
Two Mothers, Two Sons, and Their Fight Against Jesse Helms
Patsy Clarke and Eloise Vaughn

Chump Change
Dan Fante
(Sun Dog)

Late Summer 2001 [#11]

The Ice Palace That Melted Away
How Good Design Enhances Our Lives
Bill Stumpf

A Prize-Winning Garbage Dump
From "A Geezer in Paradise"
Carlos Amantea

White Waters And Black
Gordon MacCreagh

America's Famous and Historic Trees
From George Washington's Tulip Poplar to Elvis Presley's Pin Oak
Jeffrey G. Meyer
(Houghton Mifflin)

The Original Dada Manifesto

Lie, Lie, Lie
How I Wrote The School of Beauty and Charm
Melanie Summer
(Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill)

An Epitaph
From 1641 on a monument erected at Colmworth Church, Bedfordshire, by Lady Catherine Dyer, addressed to her now departed husband Sir William Dyer

The Life and Works of
Frank Lloyd Wright
Maria Constantino

The Uses of Rubber Bands
"Var Är Min Paraply"
Dr. Phage

War and Our World
John Keegan

Queen for a Day
Denise Duhamel
(University of Pittsburgh)

Koans of the Month

Summer 2001 [#10]

The Art of War on Land
David G. Chandler

Beautiful Summer In New Jersey
A Story

The Seven Ages
Louise Glück

Blue Cloud Rides Horses

The Little Ice Age
How Climate Made History
Brian Fagan
(Basic Books)

The Last Cheater's Waltz
Beauty and Violence in The Desert Southwest
Ellen Meloy

The Collected Works of
William Howard Taft
Volume I
David H. Burton, A. E. Cambell,

Whiter than the Whitewash on the Wall
A Story

Unholy Ghost
Writers on Depression
Nell Casey, Editor

America Post Office Murals in The Great Depression
Karal Ann Marling

My Father With Cigarette Twelve Years Before the Nazis Could Break His Heart

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