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  Number 252

Late Summer 2014

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Here are fifteen of the most requested.

"'I'll bet you're lost.'
I told him I needed to
get to Road CC on gravel roads.
'In other words, you're lost.
We haven't had
a unicycle traveler yet
who has stopped here and
hasn't been lost.'"

The Remedy
"Koch had fallen victim to Leonardo da Vinci's idea that
the greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions.
Furthermore, having discovered the cause of tuberculosis,
Robert Koch decided he was the one to develop a cure."

Wake Up and Laugh
"Hell is right here in this world, heaven is here,
and the Brahma realm is also right here in this world ...
When you live free from the shackles of your mind,
everywhere you are is a heavenly realm.
Heaven and hell are not somewhere else."

Best New Poets --- 2013
"It was a riotous party, and I recall
taking down my guitar and singing a bevy of songs
by my favorites --- Beatles, Elvis, Little Richard.
They say that despite my lack of syncopation,
I was a riot --- especially when
I belted out 'Blue Suede Shoes.'"

Faces in the Crowd
"I saw William Carlos Williams beside me,
wearing enormous glasses,
inspecting the vagina of a miniature woman
lying on a napkin on the bar;
Ezra Pound hanging in a cage
at the corner of the counter and
García-Lorca tossing him peanuts,
which he accepted gleefully."

Stars Go Blue
"I wanted to ring Renny (or the author),
tell her to get some meds at once.
This mooning around is driving all of us crazy.
Ben's lost it, she's beginning to go,
and I'm a bit on edge meself."

Tibetan Peach Pie
"The pale blue sky broke out in bruises,
dark tanks of cumulus came rolling in,
bucking and heaving like a Russian rodeo.
Claws of lightning ripped a turbid bodice,
thunder neighed like all the czar's horses."

Great Reviews of the Past
The Last Sideshow
"The fat man was lolling back on his huge chair asleep
and the rubber man was dozing until we passed him
and his eyes opened and he stared straight at me
and swallowed his nose."

The Committee Against Bonsai Abuse

St Denys' Church Colmworth

Six Hundred And Eighty Thousand Pounds
From the World Bank for RALPH

The Immense Machinic Phylum
"I have to figure things out for myself
even if I lose time doing it,
since it is impossible to find a human being
within these networks. Moreover,
the time that I lose is time gained
by the company or institution, time that
I have graciously made
available to them."

Great Articles from the Past
The Mordida

"A noble era, indeed; a time when
we didn't automatically think 'felony'
every time we had the urge to enjoy
a well-lubricated drive home from work."

The First Day of My Unicycle Trip Across America
"I, too, found myself contemplating a man on a unicycle,
a tiny measure of fascination mixed with a larger portion of dread.
This man was traveling insecurely, his movement undulating.
He was foolish and exposed to the world.
He was in pain."

"There are variations in which
radishes, turnips, and/or cucumbers
are added to the cabbage,
but the fermentation is essential ---
and the effect is the same:
after one has eaten kimchi,
one's breath could run a train."

Great Readings from the Past
Banning the Orgasm
"Given how physically pleasurable orgasm
and its preamble are, the Christian achievement in
bending the collective human mind away from
thoughts of sex as anything beyond an occasionally
necessary bodily function was no small feat."

"Did we surprise our teachers
who had niggling doubts about the picayune brains
of small black children who reminded them of clean pickaninnies
on a box of laundry soap?"

What Would Freud Say?
"I woke with a sense
of what nails in the palms
might do to a spirit
temporarily confined to flesh.
That too was an accident
if you believe Judas
merely wanted to be loved.
To be loved by God,
Urban the 8th
had heads cut off
that were inadequately
bowed by dogma."

Great Poems of the Past
Aubade of the Singer and Saboteur, Marie Triste
"I was at Dachau by the weekend. They have kept me in
A small cell. A young lieutenant tortured me that first night.
Knowing I was a singer they asked me to perform
For the commandant early the next week."

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