The Review of Arts, Literature,
Philosophy and the Humanities

  Number 195

Very Late Fall 2009

The Paradox of Paradoxes
You and I may not know and,
possibly, not know that we don't
know that we don't know.
Thus, over its fifteen years,
RALPH has offered
The Paradox of the Month
to further befuddle our readers
--- and our editors.

"The title explains
all that has come to pass:
Edwin and Erna are
joined at the hips
in their tiny apartment,
their tiny lives,
their massive disfunction."

The Last Resort
"The lodge's becoming
a knock shop had
shocked me.
Discovering my father
was growing weed
came as an unexpected

Everyday Survival
"Reptiles laid eggs, and
when some reptiles hatched,
their first job as babies
was to get as far away
from mom as possible,
since she would eat them too."

All That Work and Still No Boys
"'He put it down my shirt.
Just slipped it right down there' ---
I shove three fingers down ---
'and when I started screaming,
he went looking for it again.'"

Essays: Wallace Shawn
"They might consider
opening their eyes
to the real poetry
going on around them.
It is called 'rock,'
'punk' and 'rap.'
Like graffiti, it's
all over the place,
and it grabs you where it hurts ...
as good poetry should."

"If you want to visit
the river of the beavers ...
hurry. The bulldozers are,
as we speak,
there at its portals."

In Search of Small Gods
"Anyone who can write about
reading the Georgics and,
in the same moment, on television,
see two women making
love in a field of wildflowers

can be forgiven anything."

Early Stone Houses of Kentucky
"The most troubling
are photographs of those
that have fallen into disrepair,
available to what the author
refers to as builders of
vinyl-clad housing
to disassemble in order to
spawn their disgusting modern-day
plastic structures."

The Humbling
"'Would you like
to come inside?' he asked.
'Why? Do you want to try to
seduce me too?
Do you make a specialty
of retooling lesbians?'"

My Little War
"Since she was too
poor to buy false teeth,
she 'simply walked around
with the eyes of a thirty-year-old
and the mouth of an

Great Reviews of the Past
"At one point
it refers to microbiologists at
The Pasture Institute in Paris,
perhaps a place where
over-age French researchers
are put out to Pasture."

The Ice Palace That Melted Away
"He wondered why
we stuff people away
in prisons set out in
the desert or on some
bare hunk of nowhere land.
Let the prisoners see
what they are missing."

The Book
Still Here

La Malinche
A Ringtail Cat
X. J. Kennedy Elegy

Cryptic Letters of the Month
Pet Supplies
Miss Josephine

Letters We Never Finished Reading

Vice Versa
"So, now I am the owner
of a blindingly white 2008 Versa.
Its colour is very helpful,
because it is so small
that if it were darker I
would have difficulty
finding it in my carport."

The Making of Fitzcarraldo
"Being wide awake at night
now seems natural;
I hardly sleep.
I do not know
what real sleep is anymore;
I just have brief, strenuous
fainting spells."

Ninety-Six-Year-Old Estonian
"After a decade of this
I strangled the Chinaman and
stole his money and consequently
had a happier life working
on freighters between
New York City and ports
in Central and South America
as a deckhand."

"I'm not jealous of
their real passion trapped
as they are within a television set
just as my doctors are trapped
within their exhausting days and
big incomes that have
to be spent."

Great Poems from the Past
Korean Love Poems

"My American pants are hanging over the chair
in the corner with your Korean dress.
Over there they can decide foreign policy.
But here we are like two spoons
you and I
in the same warm bowl."


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