R  A  L  P H
  The Review of Arts, Literature, Philosophy and the Humanities

Number 142

Late Mid-Winter 2005 - 2006

Johann Sebastian Bach
"Geyersbach attacked because
Bach had not only maligned him, but
'he has maligned my bassoon at the same time,
and whoever insults my belongings insults me as well,
he had carried on like a dirty dog's etc. etc.'"

Party in the Blitz
"The picture of the country and its people
that took him in and fed him and housed him
is virulent, bitter, at times coarse.
There is a wild --- in no way sullen ---
hatred for T. S. Eliot, Margaret Thatcher, Iris Murdoch,
the latter being his one-time lover."

Reactions5: New Poetry
"But what the hell ever happened to
'glory be to god for dappled things?'
And 'In a lande / Upon an hill of flours?'
And 'What a piece of work is man?'
Are they gone forever?"

The Hummingbird's Daughter
"Teresa and the reader learn
that it's no picnic when
the pilgrims come to town
expecting you to cure their wens,
running sores, and death.
They may award you sainthood,
but usually it turns out to be
a kick in the pants."

I, Fatty
"'Imagine this enormous, sweating beast,
in all his nakedness, throwing himself atop
the innocent and fragile victim you see here.
Imagine this outsized actor
shaking his massive appetites on her tender frame.'"
After five minutes of this --- Fatty says ---
I was almost ready to hang me myself."

The Sudden View
"Oaxaca is the home of
the tarantula and the widow-spider,
the rivers are full of crocodiles,
and the woods of pumas and tapirs,
and there is an earthquake every spring."

Great Reviews of the Past
Wall-to-Wall America
"This created no little hub-bub
and certainly brought up the question ---
still much in the air with the NEA ---
as to whether the federal government ought to be
sponsoring what some saw as paintings
that were just a bit too viewer-friendly."


Paul Bowles
The Good Cripple
Edward Muybridge & O. J. Simpson

Saramago's The Double
The Hong Kong Blues
Another Threat to Sue RALPH

Cho-Cho Pleas
Jack Stangle
Washington Gone Crazy

Revolution in the Fourth Grade
"I think it was in the 4th grade
that my career as an activist began.
There was a burning issue involving hall-passes
in my elementary school,
something to do with permission
to leave the class,
or go to the bathroom,
or something of the sort."

Great Articles from the Past
Paul McCarthy
"Disney has something to do with the future.
It's a virtual space, not unlike the Acropolis.
The Disney characters, the environment,
the aesthetic are so refined,
the relationships so perfect.
It's the invention of a world."

Three by Sybille Bedford
Mexican Donkeys
"Where else in the world
could one acquire two such
enchanting, delicately made,
silk-muzzled creatures for that sum?
In later life they tend to become
sullen and coarse-grained,
with me they would spend
years of ease."

Patzcuaro, Mexico
"The worse the postal service,
the better the climate, wine and food.
Without such compensations,
Patzcuaro beats any telegraph office between
the Bosphorus and the Mexique Bay."

Mexican Bandits
"'It is their hour,'
said one of the passengers.
'Why doesn't anyone do something about them?'
'Gentlemen: they are armed.
Armed with firearms.'
'They do not take much,'
said another passenger.
'What is all this?' said E."

Johann Sebastian Bach & Bees

"If Bach had been a beekeeper
he would have heard
all those notes
suspended above one another
in the air of his ear
as the differentiated swarm returning
to the exact hive."

Sunday Afternoon on a Highway in New Jersey
"'It's really sad
when you can't get laid
and you're a girl,'
I said to my friends
on the way to the abortion clinic.
They didn't hear me though,
because they were vogueing
in the backseat."

"A tunnel finds us looking out the window
into one another's eyes. She leaves her seat,
but I know that she likes me
because the light saying 'TOILET'
has come on..."


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