R  A  L  P H
  The Review of Arts, Literature, Philosophy and the Humanities

Number 136

Early Fall 2005

As we assemble our
General Index
we award stars to
books that the editors
deem of "especial merit."
From the last ten issues of RALPH
here are those we favored the most

More Ghost Towns of Texas
"Where all those people
danced their dance and sang their songs,
there are now nothing but
'ruined building foundations, and a cemetery.'
And even the railroad
that made possible for the town to die
is, too, dead."

Caliban's Shore
The Wreck of the "Grosvenor"
And the Strange Fate of Her Survivors

"She was bathed in
the contents of a cow's gall bladder,
so that her family should be blessed with cattle,
and after a feast on the rest of the animal
she was delivered by a delegation
to the umzi of her new husband."

Two from the J. Paul Getty Museum
Paul Strand
"What could you or I
ever find to say about
someone who spent sixty years
traveling about, clicking here and there,
learning his art from the likes of
Lewis W. Hine and Alfred Stieglitz,
hanging out with artists like
John Marin and Georgia O'Keefe?"

Edward Weston
"The cover is a shot of
two seashells, nesting sensually together.
If I didn't know better,
I would be thinking that Weston
was turning crustaceans into
a sex-show."

"One of the worst disasters
took place in 1916:
not in the Swiss alps,
not in the Western United States, not in Alaska ---
but in the trenches of WWI. On December 12 and 13:
in just forty-eight hours,
six thousand soldiers
died in avalanches."

Pushing the Limits
"It's a clear warning:
whenever you hear a civil engineer
mouthing the not-so-civil word tame,
know that it's time to
batten the hatches and
head for the hills."

Great Reviews of the Past
Mrs. Caliban
"Three British critics
picked this as one of
the best American novels
published since WWII.
It may not be a minor
major novel ---
but we'll accept it as
a major minor one."

Fats Waller
Slave: My True Story
Midnight at the Dragon Café

Ansel Adams
Seth Glickenhouse
U. S. Post Office Murals

My Bloody Life
Television and Murder

Life Aboard Ship --- 1782
"'A rude kind of plenty,'
one source called it:
Ill-concocted soups,
queer-looking ragouts and
jelly the colour of salt water."

Great Readings of the Past
A Dirty Artist with the Clean Rich
"They were so nice and polite,
the lambs,
that they didn't care a damn what I said.
They were so rich and Christian
that they forgave everybody
before he spoke and
everything before it happened,
so long as it didn't
happen to them."

Making Love to Lovely Lila
(Both of Us Aged 78 or So)
"Why am I here next to you my Sweet Lila?
Even though you have decided, Sweet Lila,
For reasons of your own
That I must lay off, Lila
For tonight you say, 'Lay off, will you?'
Ah, mine lubchik Lila.
What planet are you from, Lila?"


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