R  A  L  P H
  The Review of Arts, Literature, Philosophy and the Humanities

Number 120

Very Very Early Fall 2004

The Great Fire
History of the Poster
Hunter Thompson's Hey Rube

Frontiers of Heaven
"It consisted entirely of sheep
and it became clear
that no part of the animal was wasted.
The feet were served up as an hors-d'oeuvre,
the intestines were a great success,
I believe I spotted a retainer munching on the ears,
and it was only with great difficulty
that I managed to fend off the eyeballs."

The Complete Guide
(To Getting Your Poetry Published)
"He doesn't like the word Vanity Press, though.
He prefers Cooperative in cooperative publishing.
Well, OK --- but it's still vanity."

"I wondered Why is this all so interesting?
We are dealing with a massive procrastinator
preparing to write a long and supremely stupid
study of some dinky event
from 1550."

Being Right Here
"Low's commentary
on the Buddhist master is
highly accessible, sensible, and fun.
At times, he comes across as
the Holden Caufield of Tibetan lore."

Great Reviews of the Past
Karl Marx
"His wife Jennychen
became Qui Qui, the Emperor of China.
Daughter Laura was Kakadou and The Hottentot.
His children were encouraged to call him
Nick or Charley. Hi. Who are you?
Just call me Charley Marx."

Sailing Alone Around the World
The Family of Pascual Duarte
The Roads of the Romans

Henry Sidgwick
Sex, Lies, and Menopause

Great Letters of the Past
The Racism of H. L. Mencken
Drinking with Charles Lindbergh

Great Articles from the Past

"You can hear the trees agonizing outside,
and one of the attic windows will
bust open, banging, against the walls.
The window pops open,
and the wind comes in,
stirring up the baconfat smell,
and the rat-droppings;
spitting rain and riverwater
all over the floor."

Hunting for Father
"This was the first time
I had seen him in fifty years,
since the early fall, in 1950,
in the Hotel St. Regis,
in New York,
and the doctor came
out of the bedroom,
and said, primly,
drying his hands,
He is expired."

"The result of self-abuse
is always --- mind you, always ---
that the boy after a time
becomes weak and nervous and shy,
he gets headaches and probably
palpitation of the heart,
and if he still carries it on
too far he very often
goes out of his mind and becomes
an idiot."

Bedbugs in the Office
"A high school girl passed me
on her way out.
You're ugly, she hissed.
And you can tell your momma
I says so."

The First Noble Truth
"I'm fed up with this noble truth.
It nauseates me and I'm nowhere near running out of friends,
running out of incest, epilepsy, rape, depression, longing."

Two from Flight Patterns
"One day Unmon said to his disciples ---
If you don't see a
man for three days do not
think he is the same man
How about you?

No one spoke so he said
One thousand"


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