R  A  L  P H
  The Review of Arts, Literature, Philosophy and the Humanities

Number 111

Mid-Spring 2004

Photography and
The Smithsonian Institution,
Buddha Comix, and
The Mind of God

"The vagueness of the disaster
becomes less important
as we get wrapped in a delightful story,
the good guys pitted
against the heathenish ruffians
out for nothing more than
sex and booty."

The Classic Polar Adventure
"Byrd was also sloppy.
I don't mean in dress and action
and speech: no, in those,
he was always the perfect sailor.
He was a slob in another way.
His preparation for his six months
was awful."

Holding the Lotus to the Rock
"I went through
such terrific agony
studying this Zen.
I lost everything I had,
and I gained nothing.
I am satisfied."

Great Reviews of the Past
Emanuel Swedenborg's Journal of Dreams
"Van Dusen's 'Introduction'
is one of the best primers extant
on how dreams occur,
what they mean for the individual,
and how one should look at them."

The Mercy Seat and
Scott and Zelda

Memorial for Soldiers
Who Died at Loos

Scotty & Hobs
Part I

"It boils down to a pious dream
that all of the lies and betrayals and inhumanities
of Communism would have been "acceptable" ---
if only the Soviet Union had succeeded,
or at least been not quite so
disastrous a failure."
Part II

"There it is.
In the struggle to reconstruct
the human species,
some people had to make
little sacrifices
like 10 or 25 years in the Gulag,
or their lives."

Great Articles from the Past
The Candy Stripe Buses
"There is something
he hasn't known for twenty years.
The touch of a woman ... watching her
as she comes close to him.
Her hands. Her hair
falling down just so."

On Eating Your Husband (For Supper)
"A chemical produced
in the head of the male insect says,
No, don't go near her, you fool,
she'll eat you alive.

At the same time
a chemical in his abdomen says,
Yes, by all means,
now and forever yes."

On Learning to See
"A fifteen-year-old boy,
who was also in love with a girl
at the asylum for the blind,
finally blurted out, No, really,
I can't stand it any more;
I want to be sent back to the asylum again.
If things aren't altered,
I'll tear my eyes out."

The Scrubwoman
"As a girl, in Poland, she watched her husband
Be dragged through the shade of five pines
To the execution wall. A year earlier
She had watched him bathe
In the bronze tub the landlord had put
Out in the field as a trough for horses."
Aubade of the Singer and Saboteur, Marie Triste
"A young lieutenant tortured me that first night.
Knowing I was a singer they asked me to perform
For the commandant early the next week.
By then I was able to stand again..."


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