R  A  L  P H
  The Review of Arts, Literature, Philosophy and the Humanities

Number 108

Mid-Winter 2003-2004

Twenty-Five All-Time Hits
In the decade we've been around,
these 25 reviews, readings, poems, and letters
continue to get the most number of hits,
week after week,
month after month,
year after year.

Popular Music from Vittula
"It's episodic, just like our childhoods.
And like our childhoods, it is filled with
unreasoning terror and bursts of sunlight and laughter,
people direct from Gargantua and Pantagruel
with monstrous appetites
doing monstrous deeds: drinking and eating and
beating each other until all are senseless."

Frank Lloyd Wright's Giant Pumpkin
"Not all the structures
remind one of cactuses or mushrooms.
Others are reminiscent of the peyote button,
the horsetail, the elephant weed, goose barnacles,
larval copepods, and at least one
is a dead ringer for bread-mold."

The Outlaw Sea
"There is a vast portion of the globe
that is never calm and containable
even when it seems so. That is the ocean,
that incomprehensible vastness
that encompasses so much of the world."

Great Reviews of the Past
The Eden Express: A Memoir of Insanity
"All of us from those
footloose years who had a visit from
the Boogieman may remember
The Face, which was either your own,
melting off your skull into the bathroom sink
like a vanilla pop-pie, or, as often, one
piped in at us from outer space."

Russian History and Pre-History,
The Poetry of Yvor Winters, and
Crossing America by Car in 1909

Ethics in Public Relations, and
Another Possible Irritated
Lawsuit Against RALPH

The World Trade Center
Part I
"Ada Louise Huxtable,
former architecture critic for
The New York Times, described their style
as 'General Motors Gothic.'
Her successor, Paul Goldberger,
called them 'boring, so utterly banal
as to be unworthy of the headquarters
of a bank in Omaha.'"
Part II
"He was horrified by
his instinctive response to films
of the skyline after the fall of
the World Trade Center.
He found beauty and harmony
restored by the towers' absence."

Popular Music from Vittula
Part I
"With precise timing
to maximize the shock effect,
he whipped out his deformed hand.
We gasped with horror.
He turned his hand around,
and we noticed that from a certain angle
his thumb and hairy knuckles looked like
a male sexual organ."

Part II
"My father,
your grandad that is,
was a real stallion when he was a young man.
That's why I have two half sisters.
They're my age, and have children of their own.
That means that around here,
in the Pajala area,
you have five first cousins
you didn't know about."

Two from "Eyes to See Otherwise"
"She was my night
my rain
my first shoe
she was my flower that bloomed all year
she was my fire
my milk..."
Two More from "Eyes to See Otherwise"
"I was born on the corner
of Poverty and Injustice
my parents were Dignity
and Maybe-Tomorrow
always at the palace gates
of Madame Rectitude
ever since I was very young
I learned to eat air..."


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