R  A  L  P H
  The Review of Arts, Literature, Philosophy and the Humanities

Volume XXXIV, Number 2

Late, Late Winter 2003

Animals and the Holocaust,
Meetings with Remarkable Trees, and
Evangelicals and Menopause

The Kindness of Sisters
"If you are filled with
nostalgie de la boue ---
especially for peculiar ramblings and
night-time sports of members of
the English upper class
from two centuries ago ---
this book will be your meat."

The Road to Malpsychia:
Humanistic Psychology and Our Discontents
"Ruth Benedict was a closet lesbian.
Margaret Mead did sloppy research.
Betty Friedan hid her radical past
when she published Feminine Mystique.
And Carl Rogers managed to destroy
an entire religious community."

The Purple Land
"Hudson's work is more like
Tom Jones meets The Canterbury Tales,
with a bit of Cervantes and Ovid
thrown in for spice."

Great Reviews of the Past
Sailing Alone Around the World
"This is one man, alone, braving
the Strait of Magellan, the Cape of Good Hope,
and the thousand storms that bedevil the hapless sailor.
His writing, as well as the journey,
are both so elegant that we come to love him,
his sturdy sloop, and his quiet ways."

Stalking an Analyst,
Shooting Under Fire:
The World of the War Photographer, and
Meditation, Transformation, and Dream Yoga

On a Lumbar Roll
"What a warped character I grew up to be,
knowing every card game under the sun
due to grandma Julia,
and worshipping the 3rd Avenue El."

God Vs. Gawd
"Gawd loves and blesses America.
This is why we put him on our
1, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 dollar bills.
You might think that with Gawd on all our money,
He would love all of us equally but
He is most fond of ministers who
use the new up-to-date Bible,
put Him in their daily flag-pledge,
and have wives who stay at home and cook
and do the laundry without complaining."

The Children of La Ribiera
"Our two frumpy gringos ---
escaped from last night's nightmare ---
make their breakfast beside the lake,
smiled upon by the bedimpled children
of the enchanted isles."

Women and All-Talk Radio
"Women! He loves the way they walk,
the way they move,
the way they sigh,
they way they think, are, see,
grow old, love, laugh, die."

Harmless Fun
"I like to fondle strangers that I meet:
Young women, soft and warm and not too thin,
On buses, at the pictures, in the park.
I like to feel my skin against their flesh."

Three on Death
Sorrow and The Bride
"Why does the thin grey strand
Floating up from the forgotten
Cigarette between my fingers,
Why does it trouble me?"
The Lifting
"I saw the folds of skin like something
poured, a thick batter, I saw
his rueful smile, the cast-up eyes as he
shows me his old body, he knows
I will be interested, he knows I will find him

College is Such
A Waste, and
Thoughts on Disability

RALPH --- and (gasp!)
The Other RALPH


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