R  A  L  P H
  The Review of Arts, Literature, Philosophy and the Humanities

Volume XXIII, Number 2

Early Winter, 2000 - 2001 

RALPH's Top Pop Hits
A list of our most popular reviews ---
being those that have received the most hits from our readers
during the past few weeks.

Malignant Self-Love,
Malignant Sadness, and
Chekov's Island.

"Most dogs bark at anything.
They bark at their owners coming home, their owners leaving home,
the neighbors coming home, the neighbors leaving home,
any passing car, you sneezing, me laughing,
the wind, the moon, the stars."

Prozac Backlash
"The hateful misread Kramer's fear
that Prozac would become a panacea for the human condition
as a conclusion that Prozac would usher in the age of cosmetic psychopharmacology,
making those who took it as glib and charming
as the staff on The West Wing."

The Erik Erikson Reader
"It is typical of Freud's noisy critics
that they ignore what the world was like
a hundred years ago, especially in stuffy Victorian Vienna."

So Far from God
The U. S. War with Mexico, 1846 - 1848
"The information is all here, including some wonderful doggerel,
Old Zack's at Monterey,/Bring out your Santa Anner;
For every time we raise a gun,/Down goes a Mexicaner."

Anzio and World War II,
Coloring Your Prayers, and
Baradla Cave

The Redwoods of Baja California
"We had travelled together to the center of the earth.
We had flown, several times, out to Saturn,
to observe the rings first-hand. We had once
actually journeyed together into his brain (what a zoo!)"

The Excitement
"I can't stop interfering with myself.
I pray to the Virgin Mary and tell her I'm sorry
I put her Son back on the cross
and I'll never do it again but I can't help myself and swear
I'll go to confession and after that, surely after that,
I'll never never do it again. I don't want to go to hell with devils
chasing me for eternity jabbing me with hot pitchforks."

Martin Luther's Rome
"A monk on business would not get any closer
to the Vatican than the office of his order's procurator.
Martin was able to meet only some bureaucrats, lobbysts,
he shyster lawyers, and the political agents attached to
the various office-holders; and the prostitutes of both sexes
who beset them all."

A Parliament of Trees
"In a certain big city there was a botanical garden,
and in the garden was a huge palm-house
made of iron and glass. It was very handsome:
the whole building was held up by fine wreathed columns
supporting light, decorated arches which were intertwined
with a veritable spider's web of
iron framework to carry the glass panes."

God's Blessing
"We could hear his leg braces clatter
down the long green corridor, the heavy
door squeaked open, clicked shut,
Sister's voice reminding us
that God gave Joe polio to test him."

The Microbe
"His jointed tongue that lies beneath
A hundred curious rows of teeth;
His seven tufted tails with lots
Of lovely pink and purple spots..."

The Arrogant, Pitiless Reviewers
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More on our favorite composer.


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