Issue #1
Winter, 1994 - 1995
Title Author Publisher Subject
Ambivalent Zen[B]* Lawrence Shainberg [Reading] Buddhism in the West
The Warriors of Pacifism[B] Caroline Moorehead Adler & Adler History of Pacifism
Raising Turkeys, Ducks, Geese, Pigeons, and Guineas[B] Cynthia Haynes Tab Books Agronomy
Harmony by Hand:[B] Art of the Southwest Indians Patrick Houlihan, Jerold L. Collings,
Sarah Nestor, and Jonathan Batkin
Chronicle Books Native American Arts
Image and Word:[B] The Interaction of Twentieth-Century Photographs and Texts Jefferson Hunter Harvard Photographic Arts
How to Repair Food[B] Marina and John Bea Ten Speed Press Culinary Arts
It's a Long Road to Comondú:[B] Mexican Adventures Since 1928* Everett Gee Jackson Texas A & M Press Memories of Mexico --- 1930s & 40s
Guide to the Yucatan Peninsula[B] Chicki Mallan Moon Publications Mexican Travel
The Underground Atlas:[B] A Gazetteer of the World's Cave Regions John Middleton and Tony Waltham St Martin's Press Spelunking
Intuitive Psychotherapy:[B] The Role of Creative Therapeutic Intervention William N. Confer Human Sciences Press Psychotherapy
In Flanders Fields: The 1917 Campaign Leon Wolff [Reading] WWI
If I Knew the Way, I Would Take You Home Elizabeth Gips [Reading] Autobiography
Sing Ho! to the New Keyboard C. K. Rywalt [Poem] American Poetry
litany Carolyn Creedon [Poem] American Love Poetry
The Florida Keys:[B] From Key Largo to Key West Joy Williams Random House Travel in the Florida Keys
Horn of the Moon Cookbook:[B] Recipes from
Vermont's Renowned Vegetarian Restaurant
Ginny Callan Harper & Row Cookery
The Psychology of Spiritual Growth[B] Mary E. Carreiro Bergin & Garvey Spirituality
Permanent New Yorkers:[B] A Biographical Guide to the Cemeteries of New York Judi Culbertson, Tom Randall Chelsea Green New York Necrology
Posters of the WPA[B] Chris DeNoon University of Washington Poster Art
Ich Kuss Die Hand:[B] The Letters of H. L. Mencken to Gretchen Hood Peter W. Dowell, Editor University of Alabama Press Mencken's Letters
The Definitive Original Four-Act Version of The Importance of Being Earnest[B] Ruth Berggren, Editor Vanguard English Drama
The Kundalini Experience[B] Lee Sannella Integral Mysticism
The Ultimate Game:[B] The Rise and Fall of Bhagwan Shree Rashneesh Kate Strelley Harper & Row Eastern Religion
Fielding's African Safaris[B] Jane and Leah Taylor Morrow African Travel
Tales of Texas and Beyond[B] Charles A. Watson Cedar Elm Publishing Autobiography
Eating Time Maha Ghosananda [Reading] Indian Mysticism
The Book of the Grotesque Sherwood Anderson [Reading] Modern American Literature
[B]To be found under "Brief Reviews" or "More Brief Reviews"
*Indicates a book that we found of especial merit

Issue #2
Spring, 1995
Title Author Publisher Subject
One Kid, One Only Kid Henry Roth [Reading] American Jewish Lore
The Dilemma of Reform in the Soviet Union Timothy Holton Council on Foreign Relations Soviet Union History
S. J. Perelman: A Life Dorothy Hermann Putnam Biography
Anarchist Organization: The History of the FAI Juan Gomez Casas Black RoseHistory of Anarchism
The Haunted House in Pioneer Square The Variety Club [Article] Halloween
The Field Guide to
North American Males
Marjorie Ingall Henry Holt Sociology
Rats, Lice, and History Hans Zinsser [Reading] Insectology
A History of Reading Alberto Manguel Viking Library Science
Letter from Mexico Carlos Amantea [Article] Mexican Lore
The River Merchant's Wife: A Letter Riyuku [Poem] Ancient Chinese Poetry
Vietnam at War Lt. Gen. Phillip B. Davidson Presidio A Military View of Vietnam
Chicago '68 David Farber University of Chicago Press A View of the '68 Riots
Wind & Sand Lyanne Wescott Eastern Acorn Press Aviation History

Issue #3
Summer, 1995
Title Author Publisher Subject
All Talk Radio Carlos Amantea [Reading] Memories of Mexico
A Piece of Meat on a Yellow Tray Lawrence Shainberg [Reading] Medicine
Eurasian White Pelicans:[B] From the Audubon Society Book of Water Birds Les Line, Kimball L. Garrett, Kenn Kaufman Harry Abrams Natural History
The Walls Came Tumbling Down[B] Steve Martin, Sheldon Ekland-Olson Texas Monthly Press Penology
Winning and Losing in the Love Market[B] Charles M. Whipple, Jr Brunswick Publishing Erotology
The Unknown Iacocca[B] Peter Wyden Morrow Biography
The Troubled People Book[B] Paul G. Quinnett Continuum Publishing Psychology
The Care of Strangers:[B] The Rise of America's Hospital System Charles E. Rosenberg Basic Books History of Hospitals
Capitalism & Arithmetic:[B] The New Math of the 15th Century Frank J. Swetz Open Court Early History of Mathematics
Traffic Court:[B] How to Win James Glass Allenby Press Legal Advice
A Latterday Confucian:[B] Reminiscences of William Hung Susan Chan Egan Harvard University Press Chinese-American Biography
Geography Isn't Destiny Jon Gallant [Article] Scandinavian Geography
The Sweet Taste of Asophædita W. L. Warren [Article] Youth in Florida in the 1940s
Why Anti-matter Matters Douglas Cruickshank [Article] Biography of Alfred Jarry
Terra Incognita D. H. Lawrence [Poem] Modern English Poetry
The Color of Truth The Mahabarata [Reading] Indian Philosophy
Some Thoughts on the Science of Onanism Mark Twain [Reading] Onanism
A Whole New Life Reynolds Price Norton Disability
Song to Onan's Complaining Hand Manuel del Cabral [Poem] Modern Latin American Poetry
The Space Merchants --- II Frederick Pohl, C. M. Kornbluth [Reading] Science-Fiction
The Wit & Wisdom of Mark Twain Alex Ayres, Editor Harper & Row American Literature
The Song of the Wandering Ængus W. B. Yeats [Poem] Modern English Poetry
[B]To be found under "Brief Reviews"
*Indicates a book that we found of especial merit

Issue #4
Fall, 1995
Title Author Publisher Subject
Beautiful Summer in New Jersey B. W. McClellan [Article] Child Abuse
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly Jean-Dominique Bauby Knopf Disability
You Must Remember This[B] Joyce Carol Oates Dutton Modern American Fiction
American Talk:[B] The Words and Ways of American Dialects* Robert Hendrickson Viking Linguistics
Penguins[B] John Sparks, Tony Soper Facts on File Natural History
Harlem Renaissance:[B] Art of Black America Edited by Charles Miers Abrams 20th Century Black Art
Titanic:[B] The Life and Death of a Legend Michael Davie Knopf History
The Gnostic Scriptures[B] Translated by Bently Layton Doubleday Gnostic Religion
The Buddha of Boystown Ignacio Schwartz [Reading] Religion
Powdering Hare-Lips Lawrence Durrell [Reading] Modern English Literature
Fatty Wanda Felix [Article] Hollywood History
The Great Land Giveaway R. R. Doister [Reading] American Zoning and Land Use
Gringolandia J. Gallant & L. Milam [Reading] Mexico
The Ladies of the School A. W. Allworthy [Poem] Modern American Poetry
Love in the Canals of Venice Luis Sepúlveda [Reading] Modern Spanish-American Literature
The Old Man Who Read Love Stories* Luis Sepúlveda Harvest Modern Spanish-American Literature
Saint Peter Got Smashed A. T. Kendall [Poem] Modern English Poetry
Proslavery: A History of the Defense of Slavery in America Larry E. Tise University of Georgia Early American History
[B]To be found under "Brief Reviews"
*Indicates a book that we found of especial merit

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