Starred Books

Since our first issue in winter 1994 - 1995
we have reviewed some 5,000 new titles online.

In our General Index, we've award a star to
those books that we think are of "especial merit,"
ones that, because of a writer's stylistic elegance,
exquisite plotting or sheer magic
deserve special recognition.

We now list these here, alphabetically, and have
awarded an additional star to the very few titles
that we believe to be
the best of the best
(of the best).

Title Author Publisher Subject
A Novel
Jean Echenoz (The New Press)
The Terrible First Months of WWI.
50 Photographers
You Should Know*
Peter Stephan,
John Gabriel, Text Translator
(Prestel) The History of Photography
in Simple Yet Honorable Scale
AA Gill Is Away* A. A. Gill Simon & Schuster The Famous Travel Writer in Africa, the Sudan, Japan, and Van Nuys
Abbott Awaits**
A Novel
Chris Bachelder(Louisiana State University Press)How to Raise a Two-Year-Old
And How She May Raise You
The Adventure of English*
The Biography of a Language
Melvyn Bragg Arcade The Battle for the Survival of English
Over the Last 1,500 Years
African Intimacies:*
Race, Homosexuality,
and Globalization
Neville Hoad (Minnesota)A Rich Study of Neo-Colonialism
in the Guise of
Religious Intolerance
After the Quake* Haruki Murakami Knopf Contemporary Japanese Short Stories
After the Fall:*
Poems Old and New
Edward Field (University of Pittsburgh Press) Words from an Old East Coast Bohemian
All American Poem* Matthew Dickman (American Poetry Review) Over Thirty Narrative Poems
About American and America
(and Penguins)
All Is Not Forgotten* Wendy Walker (St Martins Press) A Psychotherapist Turns Deceptive, Conniving
And Scheming (To Shield His Family)
All the Time in the World* Hugo Williams Akadine --- Common Reader A Gentle 1950s Travel Book
Ambivalent Zen[B]* Lawrence Shainberg [Reading] Buddhism in the West
American Creation*
Triumphs and Tragedies at
The Founding of the Republic
Joseph J. Ellis (Random House Audio) Six Key Events in the Founding of the United States
The American People in World War II* David M. Kennedy Oxford A Study of the Political, Social, and Economic Consequences of WWII
American Talk:*[B]
The Words and Ways of American Dialects
Robert Hendrickson Viking Linguistics
Amulet**[B] Roberto Bolaño (New Directions) Street-Life and Lives of the Poets,
Mexico City, 1968
The Analyst*[B] John Katzenbach Ballentine Novel about the Stalking of a Psychoanalyst
An Anatomy of Addiction*
Sigmund Freud, William Halstead,
And the Miracle Drug Cocaine
Howard Markel (Pantheon)Revelations about Cocaine Addiction
And Two 20th Century
Medical Pioneers
The Argonauts** Maggie Nelson (Graywolf) Friendly Essays on Sex-Change Operations and
Having Babies and Chatting with the Babe in Utero
Arresting Time*:
Erich Lessing
Reportage Photographs
1948 - 1973
Alastair Crawford, Editor Quantuck Lane Press/Norton 400 Photographs from Lessing's Works
Arrogance*[B] Joanna Scott Picador The Short (and Strange) Life of the Artist Egon Schiele
The Art of Rockefeller Center* Christine Roussel Norton The Original Art, Emphasizing Those Hidden in
The Niches of the Complex
At Swim, Two Boys ** Jamie O'Neill Scribner Boys in Love in Ireland
(When Such Things Were Considered to Be
The Sin of Sins)
The Autobiography of Abbie Hoffman*[B] Abbie Hoffman Four Walls/Eight Windows Autobiography
Away* Amy Bloom (HighBridge Audio) The On-the-Road Adventures of
Lillian Leyb - - - Refugee from 1920's Turov
Bad Nature*
Or, With Elvis in Mexico
Javier Marías (New Directions) Sordid Adventures in Acapulco
and Mexico City
Baghdad Sketches*
Journeys through Iraq
Freya Stark(Tauris Parke Paperback)A Woman's Lone Trips
through The Middle East ---
The Early 20th Century
The Barn at the End of the World*
The Apprenticeship of a Quaker, Buddhist Shepherd
Mary Rose O'Reilley Milkweed Meditations on Living Buddhism in America
Barrio Boy*
40th Anniversary Edition
Ernesto Galarza University of Notre Dame Press Memories of Crossing the Border
In the Early Years of the Century
Beauty is a Wound* Eka Kurniawan (New Directions) A Classic Epic Transferred to
Indonesia with a Full Cast of Ghosts,
Revolutionaries, and Whores
Behind Closed Doors:*
Her Father's House and
Other Stories of Sicily
Maria Messina (The Feminist Press at CUNY) Hard Times and the Poor
in Turn-of-the-Century Mistretta
Being Right Here:*
A Dzogchen Treasure Text of
Nuden Dorje entitled
The Mirror of Clear Meaning
James Low Snow Lion 40 Verses of the Original Buddhist Teachings
Bertha Alyce: Mother exPosed** Gay Block University of New Mexico Press Tale of a True and Unusual Mother/Daughter Relationship
The Best of Ed Zern** Ed Zern The Lyons Press Collection of Writings about Hunting and Fishing
Or, Procession of Orpheus
Guillaume Apollinaire
X. J. Kennedy, Translator
(Johns Hopkins University Press)Twenty-Six Animals Remembered by
One of Our Favorite Poets
Big Trips*
More Good Gay Travel Writing
Raphael Kadushin (Terrace Books) Sixteen Gay Stories
From the Ends of the Earth
The Bird of Dawning:*
Or, The Fortune of the Sea
John Masefield (National Maritime Museum) A Sterling Saga of the Sea
from the Mid-19th Century
The Art of Ornithology
Jonathan Elphick (Rizzoli International) More than 200 Artistic Representations
of Birds from 1492
to the Present
Birdsong by the Season:*
A Year of Listening to Birds
Donald Kroodsma (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) An Enthusiast's Compilation of Forty-eight Birdsongs --- Complete with CDs
A Novel
A. Igoni Barrett (Graywolf Press) An Unemployed Kenyan Is Suddenly,
Overnight, Transformed into a
Honky in Traffic-Jammed Lagos
Blind Moon Alley* John Florio (Seventh Street Books) A Startlingly Good Mystery
Set in Prohibition Philadelphia
Blood Memory* Colleen J. McElroy (University of Pittsburgh Press) Over fifty poems of growing up Black in St. Louis
Blood of Victory* Alan Furst Random House Pre-WWII Spy Mystery
The Bloomsday Dead** Adrian McKinty (Blackstone Audio) Detective Novel about
The Irish-American Mafia in Belfast
Bound and Gagged:*
Pornography and the Politics of Fantasy in America
Laura Kipnis Duke University Press Varieties of Sexual Experience
The Boy and The Dog Are Sleeping* Nasdijj Ballantine Memoirs of a Boy with AIDS
Breasts: *
A Natural and Unnatural History
Florence Williams (Norton) A Study of Things Mammalian
Along with Warnings of
The Chemical Poisoning of Mothers
and their Suckling Infants
Broken Land*
Poems of Brooklyn
Julia Spicher Kasdorf
Michael Tyrell
(New York University Press) Anthology of Poetry from
the Far Side of the East River
Mustang Ranch and Its Women
Alexa Albert, MD Random House A Dispassionate Sociological Study of Prostitution
Buddha Da** Anne Donovan Carroll & Graf A Captivating Novel about Buddhism in Scotland
But What If We're Wrong?:*
Thinking About the Present As If It Were the Past
Chuck Klosterman (Blue Rider Press) Dozens of Counterintuitive Ideas about
Where We Think We're Going
And Where We Think
We Are and Have Been
José Saramago (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) He Slayed his Brother and then
Spent the Rest of his Life Dealing
With the Madman from Above
Caliban's Shore:*
The Wreck of the Grosvenor
And the Strange Fate of
Her Survivors
Stephen Taylor Norton The Mesmerizing Tale of a Shipwreck
from 200 Years Ago
Call It Sleep**[B] Henry Roth Picador A Reprint of the Classic Immigrant Novel
Call Me When You Land* Michael Schiavone (The Permanent Press)A Single Mother
Raising a Fifteen-Year-Old Boy
The Cave José Saramago Harcourt Recent (and Perplexing) Novel by
The Portuguese Nobel Prize Winner
The Centaur in the Garden* Moacyr Scliar (Texas Tech University) Growing Up with a Half-a-
Horse Body in Brazil
The Hidden Legacy
Pierpaolo Mittica(Trolley Books)A Photographic Essay on the After-Effects of
The Nuclear Plant that Exploded in 1986
Chickens in the Road:*
An Adventure in Ordinary Splendor
Suzanne McMinn (Harper One) In which Our Writer Leaves the Big City
and Settles in a Godforsaken Corner of
West Virginia --- and Prospers
Children in Reindeer Woods* Kristín Ómarsdóttir
Lytton Smith, Translator
(Open Letter) An Enchanted (and Enchanting) Tale
of a Soldier/Farmer and
His Young Friend Billie
The Chronicle of Jazz* Mervyn Cooke (Oxford) An Extremely Detailed, Loving Riff on Jazz
From the Beginning of the 20th Century until Now.
City Requiem, Calcutta:**[N]
Gender and the Politics of Poverty
Ananya Roy University of Minnesota Press Calcutta, Land Use, and the Very Poor
Civil Wars*
David Slavitt (Louisiana State University Press) Poems about Turtles, Civil Wars, Combs,
Spies, Harmonicas, Baseball, Dancing Bears,
Insomnia, and Revolving Doors.
Concrete Carnival* Danner Darcleight (The Permanent Press) One Who Is Serving "Twenty-Five Years to Life"
Explores, in Detail, the Culture of Living in the Joint
Cottage Water Systems:*
An Out-of-the-City
Guide To Pumps, Plumbing,
Water Purification, and Privies
Max Burns Cottage Life Books Truths of Water for the City Dweller Gone Native
Cold Skin* Albert Sánchez Pinol (Canongate) Life on a Desert Island
With Creatures that Try to Eat You
(In the Night)
The Colossus Of Maroussi* Henry Miller (New Directions) The Controversial Novelist's
First Non-Fiction Work (1939)
Conquest of the Useless**
Reflections from the Making of "Fitzcarraldo"
Werner Herzog (Ecco) Going into the Peruvian Rain Forest to
Make a Back-Breaking Movie about Moving a
Goddamned Boat from Here to There
Erika Meitner (BOA Editions Ltd) Fine and Unusual Poems of Love (and Reality)
In Modern-Day USA
Counterclockwise **
My Year of Hypnosis, Hormones,
Dark Chocolate, and Other Adventures in
The World of Anti-Aging
Lauren Kessler (Rodale) The Author Spends a Year Learning to
Try to Put off the Inevitable.
Cream of Kohlrabi*
Floyd Skloot (Tupelo Press) A Variety of Stories, Including
Life in a Nursing Home for
Survivors of the Holocaust
Crow Planet*
Essential Wisdom from
The Urban Wilderness
Lyanda Lynn Haupt (Little, Brown) The Smart Black Birds
Who Will Probably Outlive Us
Art and History from
1868 to Today
Moraima Clavijo Colon (Curator)
Nathalie Bondit (Director)
(The Montreal Museum
of Fine Arts/
One Hundred Fifty Years of Fine Art in Cuba
The Curse of Jacob Tracy* Holly Messinger (Thomas Dunne Books) A Delightful Romp with Spooks and
Werewolves from the Old West ---
With a Cowboy Who Could Care Less
Dance of the Jakaranda* Peter Kimani (Akashic Books) On Building Kenya's "Lunatic Express"
And the Echoes from Sixty Years On
Daring Steps*
Traversing the Path of the Buddha
Ringu Tulku (Snow Lion) Meditations on Ngulchu Thogmé and
Other Tibetan Masters
Dark Back of Time[B]* Javier Marías New Directions Fiction
Dead End Gene Pool*
A Memoir
Wendy Burden (Gotham) She Came from the Vanderbilts ...
And Left Shaking Her Fist
At Them All
De-Architecture[B]* James Wines Rizzoli Criticism of Architecture, Culture
The Death of Sweet Mister*[N] Daniel Woodrell Putnam Contemporary American Fiction
Debt to the
Bone-Eating Snotflower
Sarah Lindsay (Copper Canyon Press) Sixty Great (but Gooshy) Poems Dedicated to
Whales, Squid, and Cephalopods
Defining the World:*
The Extraordinary Story of Dr. Johnson's Dictionary
Henry Hitchings (Picador) A History of the First Real
Dictionary of the English Language
The Desert Smells Like Rain:[B]
A Naturalist in O'odham Country*
Gary Paul Nabhan University of Arizona Stories of the Indians of the Sonoran Desert
The Devil's Blind Spot[B]:
Tales from the New Century*
Alexander Kluge New Directions 173 Aperçus from the German director
The Devil's Cup:[B]
Coffee, the Driving Force in History*
Stewart Lee Allen Soho Press A Worldwide Search for the Perfect Cup of Coffee
Dinner with Buddha*
A Novel
Roland Merullo (Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill) Rinpoche on the Road with
His Very American "Brother-in-Waw"
The Diving Pool* Yoko Ogawa (Picador) Three Spooky Stories from Japan
Dog Years*
Melissa Yancy (University of Pittsburgh) Nine Sterling Short Stories - - -
Mostly about the Ill and the Dying
Don Juan**
A Satiric Epic of Modern Life
George Gordon, Lord Byron
Jonathan Keeble, Reader
(Naxos) Seventeen Cantos from 1825
Read Expertly by a Master
Don't Look Back* Karin Fossum Harcourt A Wonderfully Grisly Murder Mystery from Norway
The Double* José Saramago Harcourt A Novel on Misapprehension by the Nobel Prize-Winner
Dream Whip No. 14[B]*Bill Brown (Microcosm Publishing) A (Modern) Classic American
On the Road Trip
The Drowned Detective*
A Novel
Neil Jordan (Bloomsbury) An Off the Wall Detective Story of
Mitteleuropa - - - Filled with Mystics, Failing Marriages, and
Improbable Reincarnations
The Dust of Empire*[N]
The Race for Mastery in the Asian Heartland
Karl E. Meyer Public Affairs Brief History of the Eleven Countries of the Asian "Heartland"
E. O. Hoppé's Amerika*
Modernist Photographs
From the 1920's
Phillip Prodger, Editor (Norton) Pictures from America from
Eighty Years Ago
The Rise and Demise
Of the British World Order and
The Lessons for Global Power
Niall Ferguson Basic Books A Comprehensive Look at the British Empire
An English Woman
Living in Nazi Germany*
Christabel Bielenberg Bison --- University
of Nebraska
Foreigners in WWII Germany
The Enigma of Iris Murphy**
Maureen Millea Smith (Livingston Press) A Public Defender Tries to
Defend Herself from the Ultimate Truth
A Novel
Ken Kalfus (Bloomsbury) A Famous Astronomer from 100 Years Ago
Tries to Make Contact with the Martians
The Essential Ginsberg* Allen Ginsberg
Michael Schumacher, Editor
(Harper Perennial) An Excellent Collection of Ginsberg's
Poems, Essays, Criticism, and
Best of All, His Astute Interviews
Everyman*[B] Philip Roth
George Guidall,
Recorded Books The Famed Author's Novel
On Death and Dying
(And Aging Lust)
Everything to Nothing*
The Poetry of the Great War, Revolution,
And the Transformation of Europe
Geert Buelens (Verso) The Poet Turned into a Man of Action
Between 1914 and 1918
Face of Our Time* August Sander (André Deutsch) The Noted Early 20th Century Photographer Remembered
Faces in the Crowd*
Valeria Luiselli (Coffee House Press) The Story of a Writer Who Discovers
Gilberto Owen --- and, Possibly, Herself
Falling in Love
With Hominids*
Nalo Hopkinson (Tachyon) Several Weird Tales --- Well-Executed but Sinister
--- of People of Another World if not Our Own
Falling into the Mob** Steve Zousmer (Permanent Press) He Drifts into the Mob by the Back Door
And Becomes the Klutziest Mafioso of Them All
A Novel in Nine Episodes
Daniel Kehlmann (Pantheon) Nine Improbable, Wonderful Stories
About Famous (or Lost,
or Dying) People
Family Kaleidoscope:**
Images of Violence and Healing
Salvador Minuchin Harvard University Press Family Therapy
Family Reunion:*[N]
Poems about Parenting Grown Children
Sondra Zeidenstein, Editor Chicory Blue Seventy Poems about Us and Our Children When They Grow Up
The Farther Shore* Matthew Eck (Milkweed) Story of an Unknown War in an Unamed Country
Fire of the Five Hearts** Holly A. Smith Brunner-Routledge Caring for Incest Victims
Fear and the Muse Kept Watch:*
The Russian Masters --- From Akhmatova and Pasternak to
Shostakovich and Eisenstein --- Under Stalin
Andy McSmith (The New Press) The Great Writers, Musicians, and Film-Makers
As Terrorised by Stalin and the Soviet System
A Fighting Chance* Elizabeth Warren (Metropolitan) A Strong Attack on Those Who
Control American Finances and Politics
By a Rather Remarkable Senator
Firefly* Janette Jenkins(Europa Editions) A Novel about the Last Years of Noël Coward
Selected Poems
Pattiann Rogers Milkweed Illusionist Poems from the 21st Century
The First World War** Gerard J. De Groot Palgrave History of WWI
Fine Bonsai:*
Art & Nature
William N. Valavanis
Jonathan M. Singer, Photographer
(Abbeville Press Publishers) A Weighty (and Glorious) Treasure-Trove
Of 300 Tiny Trees
Fire and Blood:*
The European Civil War, 1914 - 1945
Enzo Traverso (Penguin/Verso) A theory that the Bloodshed in Europe
Should be Seen as a Civil War - - -
e.g., a familial conflict
Fire and Movement*
The British Expeditionary Force And the Campaign of 1914
Peter Hart (Oxford) The First Four Months of WWI,
As Seen through the Eyes of the
New Young Recruits
The Fixer*
The Notorious Life Of
A Front-Page Bail Bondsman
Ira Judelson (Touchstone) You May Not Want to Known Any of This ---
Unless You Need to Get Out of Jail Free
Or Maybe Not-So-Free
Inside the Largest
Diamond Heist
in History
Scott Andrew Selby,
Greg Campbell
(Union Square) Invading a Diamond Center Safe in Antwerp
and almost Getting away with it
The Floating Opera**[N] John Barth Avon Contemporary American Fiction
A Fly for the Prosecution:**[B]
How Insect Evidence Helps Solve Crimes
M. Lee Goff Harvard Forensic Entomology
Flying Blind*
One Man's Adventures Battling Buckthorn,
Making Peace with Authority, and
Creating a Home for Endangered Bats
Don Mitchell (Chelsea Green) Two Old Hippies Move to Vermont
And Become Saviors to the Indiana Bat
Folk Furniture of Canada's Doukhobors,
Hutterites, Mennonites, And Ukrainians*
John Fleming, Michael Rowan University of Alberta Press Simple Furniture from Immigrants to Western Canada
Foreskin's Lament:*
A Memoir
Shalom Auslander (Riverhead Books) A Cockamanie Story of Growing Up
in the Contemporary Orthodox
Jewish Middle Class
Four Immigrants Manga:*[N]
A Japanese Experience in San Francisco, 1904 - 1924
Henry Kiyama Stone Bridge Japanese Comic Book
The Fox*[N] D. H. Lawrence Hesperus Early 20th Century English Fiction
Freeman Walker**
A Novel
David Allan Cates (Unbridled) A Picaresque Trip through
Post-Bellum United States
From Here to Tierra del Fuego** Paul Magee University of Illinois Semiotics and History
The Curious History of
Japan's Balloon Bomb
Attack on America
Ross Coen (University of Nebraska Press) The Launching of Thousands of
Gas-Fire Balloons from
Japan to the United States, 1944-1945
Frontiers of Heaven:*
A Journey to the End of China
Stanley Stewart Lyons Press Intrepid Adventurerer Goes Through
Modern-Day China by Boat, Rail,
Bus and Donkey
Full of Life**[B] John Fante Black Sparrow Modern American Fiction
Fup* Jim Dodge (Heyday) Droll Happenings of a 99-Year-Old Drunk
His Grandson, and their Rabbit
Generals Die in Bed* Charles Yale Harrison (Annick/Firefly) A WWI Novel from
1920s Canada
Getting Mother's Body** Suzan-Lori Parks Fourth Estate Novel Set in West Texas, 1963
Ghosts* César Aira (New Directions) Strange Doings in an Argentine Condo (Under Construction)
A Gift of Angels*
The Art of Mission San Xavier del Bac
Bernard L. Fontana (University of Arizona Press) An Impressive Visit to a
300 Year Old Mission in Arizona
Ghost Light*
A Novel
Joseph O'Connor (Farrar, Straus and Giroux) Old Molly Remembers
Her Young Love,
the Playwright John Millington Synge
The Gods Drink Whiskey:*[B]
Stumbling Towards Enlightenment in
The Land of the Tattered Buddhas
Stephen T. Asma Harper San Francisco Study of Life and Buddhism in
Contemporary Cambodia
Going on Being:*[N]
Buddhism and the Way of Change
Mark Epstein Broadway Psychology and Buddhism
The California Gold Rush
and the New American Dream
H. W. Brands Doubleday History of the California Gold-Rush
The Race for the World's
Most Seductive Metal
Matthew Hart (Simon & Schuster)
The Brief and Pungent Story of
The Search for Gold
Then and Now
Goodnight, Texas*William J. Cobb(Unbridled Books)A Novel about the Blighted Coast of Texas
(And Its Blighted Inhabitants)
The Gooseboy* [B] A. L. Barker Virago Contemporary English Novel
The Grand Canyon and the Southwest* Ansel Adams Little Brown Historic Photographs of the American Southwest
The Guilty*
Juan Villoro (George Braziller) Stories from the Yucatán,
Oaxaca, and Mexico City
The Guy Davenport Reader* Erik Reece, Editor (Counterpoint) Essays on Love, Secret Caves, the Odder Face
of Franz Kafka, and Great Painters
Ham on Rye**[B] Charles Bukowski Rebel Modern Fiction
Happy Baby* Stephen Elliott Picador Growing Up in the American Juvenile Justice System
Hard Times* Charles Dickens
Anton Lesser, Reader
(Naxos Audiobooks)Dickens' Great 1850's Labor Novel
Hardcore Zen**
Punk Rock, Monster Movies, and The Truth about Reality
Brad Warner (Wisdom) Zen Isn't What You Think; and What's More,
This So-Called Enlightenment Is
A Confounded Let-Down --- So Don't Bother.
But Do It!
Hawthorn & Child** Keith Ridgway (New Directions) A Very Odd Detective Story, that Should
End Up Convicting the Killer, but instead,
May Convict the Detectives (and the Reader).
Heading Out To Wonderful* Robert Goolrick
Norman Dietz, Reader
(HighBridge Audio) Another Classic Love Triangle Story
Superbly (and Deliciously) Read
Heart of Spain*:[N]
Robert Capa's Photographs of the Spanish Civil War
Leslie A. Martin, Editor Aperture Photographic History
A Heart So White* Javier Marías New Directions Contemporary Spanish Fiction
Hidden America*
From Coal Miners to Cowbys,
An Extraordinary Exploration of
The Unseen People Who Make
This Country Work
Jeanne Marie Laskas (Putnam) An Irreverent Look at
Several Institutions ---
Garbage, Coal, Immigrant Labor, et al ---
That Keep America Afloat
The Highway of the Atom**Peter C. van Wyck(McGill-Queen's University Press)An Eye-Opening Account
Of Those Who (Unwittingly)
Gave Us Our First Atom Bombs
Hiroshima[B]* John Hersey
Edward Asner, Reader
(Audio Partners) The 1946 Journalistic Masterpiece Read Live
History: A Novel** Elsa Morante Steerforth Italia Post-WWII Italain Fiction
A History of Celibacy[N]* Elizabeth Abbott Scribner How to Survive, Even
Get to Lust for Celibacy
Holding the Lotus to the Rock:*
The Autobiography of Sokei-an,
America's First Zen Master
Michael Hotz, Editor (Four Walls Eight Windows) Living in New York City, Working as a Janitor and
In Secret, Being One of
The Realized Masteres
The Hollow Land* Jane Gardam (Europa Editions) A Family of Cumbrians Meet
An Equally Droll Family from London
Honey, Mud, Maggots and Other Medical Marvels* Robert and Michèle Root-Bernstein Houghton Mifflin Ancient Medical Cures
Roast Penguin, Scurvy Day, and
Other Stories of Antarctic Cuisine
Jason C. Anthony (Nebraska) How to Whip Up a Savory Meal While
Freezing Your Tootsies in the Worst Place to Be
Thinking of being A Three-Star Chef
Hot Milk*
A Novel
Deborah Levy (Bloomsbury) Levy Mixes it Up with
A Mother, Her Daughter
And the Love of the Almería Coast
Housekeeping* Marilynne Robinson Picador A Novel of New American
Realism Despair
Human Anatomy*
A Visual History from
The Renaissance to
The Digital Age
Benjamin A. Rifkin
Michael J. Ackerman
Judith Folkenberg
(Abrams)An Intimate Artistic Look at
The Inside of the Body from the Outside
Hummingbirds* Ronald Orenstein (Firefly Books) Many of the Almost 350 Species
Represented in the Luscious Book
Illness and the Art of Creative Self-Expression*:
Stories and Exercises from the Arts for Those with Chronic Illness
John Graham-Pole, M. D. New Harbinger The Patient as Doctor
In a Prominent Bar in Secaucus**
New and Selected Poems, 1955 - 2007
X. J. Kennedy (Johns Hopkins) A Captivating Collection of Verse
by the American poet
In Flanders Fields** Leon Wolff Time-Life History of WWI
In Gratitude** Jenny Diski (Bloomsbury) Cancer of the Lymph Nodes, Fibrosis of the Lungs and
Dying and Death (On the Final Pages)
In Sam We Trust*:[N] The Untold Story of Sam Walton and how Wal-Mart is Devouring America Bob Ortega Times Business Study of Sam Walton and Wal-Mart
In the Heart of the Sea*: The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex Nathaniel Philbrick Viking Whale-Hunting in the 19th Century
Inside the Rainbow*
Russian Children's Literature 1920 - 1935:
Beautiful Books, Terrible Times
Julian Rothenstein,
Olga Budashevskaya,
(Redstone Press) The High Years of
Soviet Children's Literature
(With Great Pictures)
Robert Olen Butler (Chronicle Books) Both Sides of the Nighttimes of
The Greats of History and Romance
Into the Night**
Tales of Nocturnal
Wildlife Expeditions
Rick A. Adams, Editor (University Press of Colorado) Very Funny Real Life Stories of
Tracking Fruitbats, Mountain Chickiens, and
Walking Batfish
Inventing a Better Mousetrap*
200 Years of American Industry in
The Amazing World of Patent Models
Alan & Ann Rothschid (Maker Media) 750 New Inventions as Registered
In the U. S. Patent Office 150 Years Ago
Karl Marx[N]* Francis Wheen Norton Biography
Sex the Measure of All Things
Jonathan Gathorne-Hardy Indiana University Press The Compleat Life of the Famous Sexologist
Langrishe, Go Down*[N] Aidan Higgins Dalkey Archives Novel of 1930s Love in Ireland
The Last Cheater's Waltz:**
Beauty and Violence in the Desert Southwest
Ellen Meloy Arizona Thoughts about the American Southwest Desert
Learn World Calligraphy*
Discover African, Arabic, Chinese, Ethiopic, Greek,
Hebrew, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Mongolian,
Russian, Thai, Tibetan Calligraphy, and Beyond
Margaret Shepherd (Watson Guptill)An Elegant Presentation of the Art of
Over Twenty Calligraphies of the World
Learning by Heart:*[N] Contemporary American Poetry about School Maggie Anderson, David Hassler, Editors University of Iowa Press 200 Poems
Leopoldo Méndez:*
Revolutionary Art and
The Mexican Print
Deborah Caplow (University of Texas Press) A Luxurious History of
One of the Supreme
Artists of 20th Century Mexico
Lester Higata's
20th Century*
Barbara Hamby (University of Iowa) Twelve Great Stories
From Hawai'i
Let Us Now Praise Famous Men** James Agee, Walker Evans Houghton Mifflin/Mariner Reality of the Lives of Share-Croppers
Levels of Life** Julian Barnes (Alfred A Knopf) A Meditation on Hot-Air Balloons ---
And the Death of a Dear One
The Life of An Unknown Man* Andreï Makine (Graywolf Press) A Writer Returns to Russia to Find
That Russia Has Changed,
Perhaps Left Him Behind
The Little Girl Who Was Too Fond of Matches** Gaétan Soucy Arcade Contemporary Canadian Fiction
Like a Beggar* Ellen Bass (Copper Canyon) Poetry of the
"You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet" School
The Lives of the Kings and
Queens of England*
Antonia Fraser
Wanda McCaddon, Reader
Audio Editions A Thousand or So Years of English Royalty
Living, Dreaming, Dying:[B]*
Practical Wisdom from
The Tibetan Book
Of the Dead
Rob Nairn Shambhala Extensive Survey of Tibetan Buddhist Concepts of Death and Dying
Living Everyday Zen* Charlotte Joko Beck (Sounds True Disks) Thoughts from the San Diego Zen Master
Llano Estacado*
An Island in the Sky
Stephen Bogener,
William Tydeman
(Texas Tech University Press)The Desecration of the Panhandle of
Texas and Eastern New Mexico
The Long Song** Andrea Levy (Farrar, Straus and Giroux) A Novel of Slavery on
a Sugar Plantation in Jamaica
Long Time Coming*[N]
Photographic Portrait of America:
Michael Lesy, Editor Norton Over 400 Photographs from the Farm Security Administration
A Long Long Way* Sebastian Barry Viking Novel about the Irish in WWI
A Long Way from Verona*
A Novel
Jane Gardam (Europa Editions)
What It's Like to Be 12-Going-on-13
(And Too Smart for Your Own Good)
How Having Breast Cancer
Can Be Really Distracting
Meredith Norton (Viking) Surviving the Double Whammy of
Breast Cancer (at Age 33)
Lost Christianities*
The Battles for Scriptures and
The Faiths We Never Knew
Bart D. Ehrman Oxford Extensive Examination of Documents
from 50 AD - 250 AD Concerning the
Origins of Modern Christianity
The Love of
Impermanent Things
A Threshold Ecology
Mary Rose O'Reilley (Milkweed) Taking Care of Animals,
Husbands, and the World as a
Sometimes Working Saint
Lydia Cassatt Reading the Morning Paper* Harriet Scott Chessman Plume Historical Novel of the Expressionist Painter
Madame Bovary*
Provincial Morals
Gustave Flaubert
Adam Thorpe, Translator
(Modern Library)The Once Thought to Be
Shocking Story of the Bored Wife
Alone (And Innocent)
The Mammy*[B] Brendan O'Carroll Plume Novel on Laughter and Tragedy
and the Family, Dublin --- 1976
The Manor and the Estate* Isaac Bashevis Singer (Terrace Books/
University of Wisconsin)
Novel about Late 19th Century Jewish Life in Poland
The Martian* Andy Weir
R. C. Bray, Reader
(Brilliance Audio) A Wonderful Reading of the Now-
Famous Classic of Survival
(Where None Should Survive)
Master of the Sea** José Sarney Aliform Novel about Lives and Fantasies of the Fishermen of Northern Brazil
Mayumi and
The Sea of Happiness*
Jennifer Tseng (Europa Editions) A Young Love (Very Young) with
The Town Librarian and the High School Student
(Who Loves Lollipops)
Me, Who Dove into
The Heart of the World*
Sabina Berman(Henry Holt)Growing Up Autistic
And Finally Succeeding
Measuring the World* Daniel Kehlmann (Pantheon) A Fictional Retelling (With Gusto) of
The Life of Alexander von Humboldt
The Meat Racket*
The Secret Takeover of
America's Food Business
Christopher Leonard (Simon & Schuster) A Well-Documented Study of Oligopolistic Tendencies
In the Marketing of meat in American
Memoirs of a Dwarf at
The Sun King's Court*
Paul Weidner Univeristy of Wisconsin / Terrace Books Novel about the Life at
The Court of Louis XIV
Memoirs of A Revolutionary*Victor Serge (University of Iowa) The "Old Bolsheviks" Who Saw
The Drift to the Tyranny of Stalin
Breath Sweeps Mind* Jakusho Kwong Roshi Sounds True Audio Twelve Lectures on Zen Practice
Memoirs of My Nervous Illness* Daniel Paul Schreber Harvard Psychological Autobiography, Lunacy
Memoirs of
John Glassco Viking/Compass Two Years with Artists
in Paris (1928 - 1930)
The Memory
Of Running*
Ron McLarty Viking Novel about Fat, Bicycles, and
A Mad Sister
Men in Prison* Victor Serge (PM) One of the Great Anarchist Writers on
The Reality of Prison
The Mercy Seat:*[B]
Collected & New Poems, 1967 - 2001
Norman Dubie Copper Canyon Contemporary American Poetry
The Mermaid of Brooklyn*
A Novel
Amy Shearn (Touchstone) A Novel for Those Who Might Be
Thinking about Having Babies,
But Aren't Too Sure
A Metaphysical Odyssey into
The Mexican Revolution*
Francisco I. Madero and His
Secret Book,
Spiritist Manual
Catherine Mansell Mayo (Dancing Chiva Literary Arts) The Father of the Mexican Revolution
Revealed to Be a Committed Spiritist
Michelangelo and the Pope's Ceiling* Ross King
John Lee, Reader
Books on Tape The Tale of Michelangelo Painting the Sistine Chapel
The Milli Vanilli Condition*
Essays on Culture in
The New Millennium
Eduardo Espina (Arte Publico) A Variety of Essays --- Improbable, Astonishing ---
From a Fresh New Voice out of
The Wilds of Montevideo, Uruguay
A Tale
Bogdan Suceavă (Twisted Spoon Press) Miraculous Goings-On
In the Mountains of Romania
Miss Lonelyhearts** Nathanael West (New Directions) A New Edition of the Woes of Being
A Columnist for the Lonely and Dispossessed
Molvanîa* Santo Cilauro, et. al. Overlook Press Travel Book about the Obscure Middle South Eastern European Country
Mommy Man*
How I Went from
Mild-Mannered Geek
To Gay Superdad
Jerry Mahoney (Taylor Trade) The Complete Adventures of Seeking, Finding, and
Impregnating a Surrogate Mom ---
And Getting (in This Case) Twins
And the Changing Face
of Motherhood

May Friedman (University of Toronto Press) Four Huge Blogs and
Thousands of Smaller Ones
Are Changing Love (and Hate) in Motherhood
Mongrels, Bastards,
Orphans, and Vagabonds:*
Mexican Immigration and
The Future of Race in America
Gregory Rodriguez (Vintage) Five Centuries of Racial Love(And Fear)
in and between the U. S. and Mexico
Monkey Mind*
A Memoir of Anxiety
Daniel Smith (Simon & Schuster Years and Years of Panic Attacks
Caused by a Vicious Rape.
Monologue of a Dog* Wisława Szymborska Harcourt Poems from the Nobel Prize Winner
The Moonstone*
A Romance
Wilkie Collins (Naxos) A Knockout Audio Version of the Famed
Thriller from 1868
Moscow Stories* Loren Graham Indiana University Press An American Researcher in Moscow, 1963 - Present
The Most Dangerous Book*
The Battle for James Joyce's Ulysses
Kevin Birmingham (The Penguin Press) The War against Ulysses and
the History of "Dirty" Words in Literature
Mother Tongue*:
English & How It Got That Way
Bill Bryson [Reading] Linguistics
The Museum of Unconditional Surrender* Dubravka Ulgresic New Directions Memoirs of Slovenia
Music of Another World[B]** Szymon Laks Northwestern University Press WWII concentration camps
A Memoir
Katherine McCord (Telling Our Stories Press) Several Dozen Intense Ovbservations
About Raising Kids,
Being Married, and
Worrying about the CIA
My 'Dam Life* Sean Condon Lonely Planet Three Mad-Making Years
in Amsterdam
My Last Sigh** Luis Buñuel University of Minnesota Press Autobiography of the Surrealist Filmmaker
My Two Wars*[B] Moritz Thomsen Steerforth WWII Psychology
My War Gone by, I Miss it So** Anthony Loyd Penguin War in the Balkans
The Mystique of Enlightenment:*
The Radical Ideas of
U. G. Krishnamurti
Uppaluri Gopala Krishnamurti Sentient Publications Thoughts and Philosophy of
the "Other" Krishnamurti
Natural Shocks* Richard Stern (TriQuaterly/ Northwestern University) Negative Capability and Goethe, Tolstoy,
Dr. Johnson, Sandy Koufax and the
Sage of Vienna
The Necessity of Certain Behaviors* Shannon Cain (University of Pittsburgh) Life Studies on Some Wonderful
(Terrible) Families
Night Soldiers* Alan Furst Recorded Books Unabridged A Novel about WWII and the Secret Police,
Read by George Guidall
Nights in the Pink Motel:**
An American Strategist's
Pursuit of Peace in Iraq
Robert Earle (Naval Institute Press) A Fine Writer on His Years Working with
John Negroponte in Iraq
Norwood* Charles Portis (Simon & Schuster) The Works of Portis - - -
Possibly the Most Pure of
American Novels
Notes from Nethers:*
Growing Up in a Sixties Commune
Sandra Eugster (Academy Chicago) Ten Painful Years in a Hippy "Farm"
Novice to Master:*
An Ongoing Lesson in the Extent of
My Own Stupidity
Soke Morinaga Roshi Wisdom Zen Buddhism --- History of a Master
Of Kids & Parents** Emil Hakl
Marek Tomin, Translator
(Twisted Spoon Press) Father and Son Walking and
Reminiscing on the Streets of Prague
Of Two Minds* Tanya Luhrmann Vintage Study of Psychoanalytic Training
The Ogre* Michel Tournier Johns Hopkins Fiction
Oil* Gavin Bridge
Philippe Le Billon
(Polity) Countless Facts about Petroleum:
Where It Started,
Where It Is Taking Us
Oil on the Brain*
Adventures from the Pump
To the Pipeline
Lisa Margonelli (Nan A. Talese/
A Riotous Account of the Dark Energy
Going from Well to Gas Tank
The Old Man Who Read Love Stories** Luis Sepúlveda Harvest An Old Man in the Jungles of Ecuador
- - - Wanting only to Be Left Alone
The Old Priest*
Anthony Wallace (University of Pittsburgh) Nine Often Very Funny
Stories about Blackjack Dealers
And Old Gay Priests (and Dinosaurs)
On Empire:*
America, War, and
Global Supremacy
Eric Hobsbawm (Pantheon) The Famed Marxist Historian
On America's Latest Venture in
The Middle East
On Immunity*
An Inoculation
Eula Biss (Graywolf Press) A Writer's Personal Trip to Discover if
It Is Safe for Her to Inoculate Her Son
On Retirement*
75 Poems
Robin Chapman,
Judith Strasser,
(University of Iowa) A Multitude of Poems on Ageing
Ooga-Booga**[B] Frederick Seidel (Farrar, Straus, and Giroux) Weird (and Wonderful)
Poetry from East Hampton
(And Thereabouts)
Our Lady of the Nile* Scholastique Mukasonga (Archipelago) An Utterly Charming Peek at a Girl's School
In Present-Day Rwanda with (Surprise!)
Little Blood, Lots of Love
Our Man in Vienna* Richard Timothy Conroy St. Martins Diplomatic Service
Our Own Devices:*
The Past and Future of Body Technology
Edward Tenner Knopf Shoes, Desks, Chairs, and Other Commonplace Devices Explained
Out of Your Mind**
Essential Listening from the
Alan Watts Audio Workshop
Alan Watts Sounds True Twelve Discs of Thoughts of the
Neo-Eastern Philosopher
Out Stealing Horses** Pers Petterson (Graywolf Press) Growing Up (and Living in)
The Woods on the Swedish-Norwegian Border
Over Autumn Rooftops* Hai Zi (Zha Haisheng) (Host) Contemporary Poetry from China
Overtime**[B] Joseph Millar Eastern Washington University Press Contemporary American Poetry
Paris 1919:** Six Months that Changed the World Margaret MacMillan Random House Day-By-Day Account of the Forging of the Versailles Treaty
A Passage to India* E. M. Forster
Sam Dastor,
Audio Partners A Reading of the Classic Story of the Raj in India
Pepys' Diary** Samuel Pepys
Kenneth Branagh,
HighBridge Classics The Life and Loves
(And Business and Seductions)
Of the 17th Century Gentleman
Peoples of the Plateau:*(B)
The Indian Photographs of
Lee Moorhouse, 1898 - 1915
Steven L. Grafe (University of Oklahoma Press) The Southern Plateau Indians
of the Columbia Basin as as Seen
a Hundred Years Ago
A Persistent Peace:*
One Man's Struggle for
A Nonviolent World
John Dear (Loyola Press) The Works for Peace
by a Controversial Jesuit
Pioneers of Balinese Painting:*
The Rudolf Bonnet Collection
Helena Spanjaard (KIT Publishers) Important Artists from Mid-
Twentieth Century Java
Popular Music From Vittula** Mikael Niemi Seven Stories Press An Autobiography from Northern Sweden
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man*[B] James Joyce
Jim Norton, Reader
Naxos Reading on CDs of the Classic Bildungsroman
Post-Soviet History Unfolds* Eleanor Lerman Sarabande Books Contemporary American Poetry
Preparing the Ghost*
An Essay Concerning
The Giant Squid and
Its First Photographer
Matthew Gavin Frank (Liveright Publishing) The History and the Giant
Mysteries of the Giant Squid Explained
Presence in the Flesh:**
The Body in Medicine
Katharine Young Harvard Modern Medical Practice
Primeval and Other Times** Olga Tokarczuk
Antonia Lloyd-Jones, Translator
(Twisted Spoon) The Lives (and Deaths) of
a 20th Century Polish
Prisons of Poverty* Loïc Wacquant (University of Minnesota) How Prisons are Taking over from the Ghetto
The Purple Land* W. W. Hudson (University of Wisconsin) Hanging around with the Low-Lifes
of 19th Century Uruguay.
Rain Dogs*
A Detective Sean Duffy Novel
Adrian McKinty (Seventh Street Books) A Won't-Leave-You-Alone Mystery
Set in a Dark Castle in Carrickfergus
Observations on the History and Habitat
of the City's Most Unwanted Inhabitants
Robert Sullivan Bloomsbury Research and Facts (and Wit) Concerning the Common Norwegian Rat
Red Cavalry* Isaac Babel (Pushkin Press) The Writings of the Brilliant Bolshevik
War Correspondent from the Crimea, 1920
Red Gold* Alan Furst Harper/Collins Classic WWII Spy Novel
Reports of My Death:*[B]
A Distinguished American Poet Looks at the Literary Life of Our Times
Karl Shapiro Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill Autobiography
Revolution 1989*
The Fall of the Soviet Empire
Victor Sebestyen (Pantheon) A Month-By-Month Study
of the Fall of the Russian Imperium
Roadside America:*
Architectural Relics from
A Vanishing Past
John Margolies
Jim Heimann, Editor
(Taschen) Stunning Pictures from America's
Weird Roadside Attactions
The Romantic Dogs*
1980 - 1998
Roberto Bolaño
Laura Healy, Translator
(New Directions) Poems by the Late
(and Now-Famous) Novelist
The Roots of Buddhist Psychology* Jack Kornfield Sounds True A Twelve Part Introduction to the
Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path
The Roy Stories* Barry Gifford (Seven Stories Press) Dozens and Dozens of Stories about
Growing up in Chicago
Nuts on the Streets and
A Loving but Absent Mother
A Round-Heeled Woman:*
My Late-Life Adventures in Sex and Romance
Jane Juska Villard Adventures in Seeking an Older Lover
The Archaeology of Garbage
William Rathje, Cullen Murphy Arizona Garbology
Sacred Roads:*[B]
Adventures from the Pilgrimage Trail
Nicholas Shrady Harper/San Francisco Travel --- Pilgrimages
Sailing Alone Around the World** Joshua Slocom Shambhala Three Years Before the Mast (Alone)
Salamina** Rockwell Kent Wesleyan University Press An American in Greenland, 1932 - 1933
The Same Sea** Amos Oz Harcourt Israeli Fiction
Saraminda* José Sarney (Aliform Publishing) A Lusty Novel from
the Gold-Fields of South America
Scheisshaus Luck*
Surviving the Unspeakable
in Auschwitz and Dora
Pierre Berg (Amacom) Eighteen Years Old and
Eighteen Months in
The Science of Herself* Karen Joy Fowler (PM Press) Several Essays along with an
Interview of the Outspoken Author
The Secret Keeper* Kate Morton (Brilliance Audio) A Saga of a Sixty-Year-Old
Mystery of Love, Family, and
A Fatal Stabbing
The Secret Life of Dust*:[N]
From the Cosmos to the Kitchen Counter, the Big Consequences of Little Things
Hannah Holmes John Wiley Popular Science
Seeing Like a State:**
How Certain Schemes to Improve the Human Condition Have Failed
James C. Scott Yale The Failure of City Planning
The Selected Poems of Howard Nemerov** Daniel Anderson, Editor Swallow/Ohio Poems by the American Poet
Separate Journeys*[B]: Short Stories by
Contemporary Indian Women
Geeta Dharmarajan
University of South Carolina Fifteen Modern Stories from India
Serve It Forth**[B] Mary F. K. Fisher North Point Press Cookbook from 1939
Sex Is Forbidden*
A Novel
Tim Parks (Arcade) A Vamp Takes Over a Buddhist Retreat.
Sex Talks to Girls*
A Memoir
Maureen Seaton (University of Wisconsin) She Was a Drunk
(Married to a Rich Drunk)
(Then She Went Gay)
Sex Texts from
The Bible*[B]
Selections Annotated and Explained
Teresa J. Hornsby (SkyLight Paths) One of the Faithful Explains the Why of
Certain Scandalous Parts of The Bible
Shakespeare's Language* Frank Kermode Farrar Straus Studies in Shakespeare
A Memoir
Joshua Cody (Norton) Getting Cancer in Mid-Life
And Surviving
Signs and Machines*
Capitalism and the Production of Subjectivity
Maurizio Lazzarato (Semiotext(e)) An Astonishing Investigation of Machines:
How They Own Us, Drive Us (Sometimes Mad) --- All While
We Pretend to Own and Drive Them
50th Anniversary Edition
John Cage
Kyle Gann, Editor
(Wesleyan) Cage's Great Study of Music,
Art, Zen, and the Lack (and Excess)
of Sound --- from 1960
Sister Bernadette's Barking Dog*
The Quirky History
And Lost Art of
Diagramming Sentences
Kitty Burns Florey (Harvest) A Loving Study of the
Ancient Art of Parsing Sentences
The Skin** Curzio Malaparte (New York Review Books) A Most Revealing Picture of Americans in Europe
During the Closing Days of WWII
Skin Deep:* Tattoos, the Disappearing West, Very Bad Men, and My Deep Love for them All Karol Griffin Harcourt Autobiography about Tattooing and Raw Love
A Unicyclist's Guide to America
Mark Schimmoeller (Chelsea Green) One man on a one-man unicycle
travels from North Carolina to
New Mexcico
The Small House at Allington* Anthony Trollope
Read by David Shaw-Parker
(Naxos Audiobooks) One of those Heavy (and Very Funny) Books
Out of 19th Century England
(and Out of Sight)
Small Wonder**[N] Barbara Kingsolver HarperCollins Personal Essays on Contemporary American Life
Some Church[B]* David Romtvedt Milkweed Editions Contemporary Poetry from Wyoming(!)
Living on Uganda Time
Douglas Cruickshank (Verflectin Media) Three Hundred Great Photos ---
With Commentary ---
On Modern Uganda Village Life
Sometimes a Great Notion** Ken Kesey (Recorded Books) The Wonderful Story of
Epic Lives of a
Logging Family in Oregon
Soul of Nowhere:*
Traversing Grace in A Rugged Land
Craig Childs (Sasquatch) Bleak Journeys through the Deserts of
Arizona, New Mexico, and Northern Mexico
Spiegel:[B] The Man Behind the Pictures* Andrew Sinclair Little, Brown Popular Culture and Biography
Stone in a Landslide*Maria Barbal
(Peirene Press)A Story of Growing up Poor in Central Europe
The Stranger[B]* Albert CamusKnopf It Makes No Difference
Summer in Baden-Baden:[N]
A Novel*
Leonid Tsypkin New Directions Literary Fiction and History
Sunlit Night:**
A Novel
Rebecca Dinerstein (Bloomsbury) Six Odd Characters End Up
In Northern Norway (with a Body)
Surviving the Gulag*
A German Woman's Memoir
Ilse Johansen (University of Alberta Press) Surviving Four Years in a Variety of
Gulags in Russia During and After WWII
A Tale of Love and Darkness:**[B]
A Memoir
Amos Oz Harcourt Growing Up in Israel
A Tale of Two Cities* Charles Dickens Audio Partners Reading of the Novel of
Pre-Revolutionary London and Paris
Tales from the Couch*
A Clinical Psychologist's True Stories of Psychopathology
Bob Wendorf, PsyD (Carrel Books) A Charming Clinical Therapist with
Dozens of Fascinating Patients
Tales from Nowhere*
Unexpected Stories from
Unexpected Places
Don George, Editor (Lonely Planet) Thirty or So Stories of Being
Stranded in the Middle of Nowhere ---
and Surviving
The Tattered Cloak and Other Stories* Nina Berberova New Directions Classic Russian Short Stories
Teach the Free Man*
Peter Nathaniel Malae (Swallow) Prison Life from the
Inside (and Out)
Television* Jean-Philippe Toussaint Dalkey Archive Contemporary French Novel
There but for the* Ali Smith (Pantheon) A Girl Genius and
A Man Who Came to Dinner
Things that Are*
Amy Leach (Milkweed Editions) Otherworldly Thoughts on Such Things as
Moons, Beavers, Popes, Alligators, Donkeys
Things I Don't Want to Know*
On Writing
Deborah Levy (Bloomsbury) A Short, Odd, Punchy
Reflection on Her Life
As it Grew from Her Novels
This Life* Karel Schoeman (Archipelago) A Subtle and Lovely Book about the Very Shy ---
and How They Survived So Long Ago (in the Boer Country)
Thoreau's Laundry* Ann Harleman (Southern Methodist University Press) Twelve Short Stories by
A Modern Master
The Tiger*
A True Story of
Vengence and Survival
John Vaillant (Vintage Books) The Amur Tiger of Siberia
Who Occasionally Feeds on People
And Other
Eric Dinerstein (Island/Shearwater) A Charming Retelling
of the Events in the Life
of a Bat-Catching Naturalist
Tiger Milk* Stefanie de Velasco (Head of Zeus) Two Volatile Middle Eastern Fourteen-Year-Olds
Wired Up on the Streets of 2010 Berlin
'Til the Well Runs Dry**
A Novel
Lauren Francis-Sharma (Henry Holt) A Fascinating Round of Love,
Incest, Family Wars, and
Despair in Trinidad
Time Ages in a Hurry* Antonio Tabucchi (Archipelago Books) A Small Selection of Several of the Author's Stories
The Time Machine** H. G. Wells Broadview Traditional Science Fiction
Time Present and Time Past* Deidre Madden (Europa Editions) The Normal Buckley Family Turns Out
To Have Strange Delusions (and Odd Children)
The Timid Cabbage*
A Poem by Charles Krafft
Illustrated by Femke Hiemstra (Sympathetic Press) Supposedly a Poem about Brassica
In Reality a Riff on Lutheranism
Or, Notes of an Abject Reptile
Verlyn Klinkenborg
Josephine Bailey, Reader
Tantor Media A Fine Rendering of
The Voice of the Turtle
Tomorrow in the Battle Think on Me** Javier Marías New Directions Modern Spanish Fiction
Tornado Alley:*[B]
Monster Storms of the Great Plains
Howard B. Bluestein Oxford Studies of Tornadoes
The Trace*
A Novel
Forrest Gander (New Directions) The Fearsome Story of Two Gringos
Lost in the Chihuahua Desert Amongst
A Band of Narcotraficantes
Train Dreams* Denis Johnson (Farrar, Straus & Giroux) A Sweet Tale of
Growing Up (and Surviving)
In Idaho Country
Tram 83* Fiston Mwanza Mujila (Deep Vellum Publishing) The Bittersweet Experience of Urban Africa
My Life with Cerebral Palsy
Fran Macilvey (Skyhorse) Reflections on Forty Years of Disability
Tropical & Subtropical Trees:*
An Encyclopedia
Margaret Barwick Timber Press Exhaustive Listing with Pictures of over 1000 Trees of the Tropics
The Truth about Marie* Jean-Philippe Toussaint (Dalkey Archive) An Independent Woman,
Her Two Lovers, and
A Very Independent Horse
Tumbling After:** Pedaling Like Crazy after Life Goes Downhill Susan Parker Crown Life After a Paralyzing Accident
Twelve Days in Persia*
Across the Mountains with the Bakhtiari Tribe
Vita Sackville-West (Tauris Parke) A Classic Post-Victorian Traveller
Somewhere in the Midst of Dusty Iran
Under a Glass Bell*[B]
And Other Stories
Anaïs Nin (Swallow) The Lovely and Mysterious Nin in
Her Days on a Barge in Paris
Up Against the
Wall Motherf**ker:*
A Memoir of the '60s,
With Notes for Next Time
Osha Neumann Seven Stories) A Trip Down Memory Lane with One of the Lower East Side 60s Trouble-Makers
A Useless Man*
Selected Stories
Sait Faik Abasiyanik (Archipelago Books) Thirty-Seven Stories by the Folkish Writer
Known to All in Turkey as Sait Faik
The Vagabond's Breakfast*
Richard Gwyn (Alcemi) A Derelict Raving through Europe
Vanity Fair* William Makepeace Thackeray
Read by Georgina Sutton
(Naxos Audiobooks) A Twenty-Five Disc Romp through Early 19th Century England
(With All Its Rogues, Layabouts, Social Climbers and Innocents)
Vanishing* Candida Lawrence (Unbridled Books) Seventeen Essays and Stories on
the Art of Disappearing
Vichy *
France, Memory, and
the Second World War
Adam Nossiter Houghton Mifflin Vichy France and WWII
The Vienna Melody* Ernst Lothar (Europa Editions) A Classic Novel of the Old School:
A Vienna Family from 1890 - 1945
A View of
The Ocean*[B]
Jon de Hartog (Pantheon) The Last Days of the Mother of the Author
Visit Sunny Chernobyl*
And Other Adventures in
The World's Most Polluted Places
Andrew Blackwell (Rodale) Touristy visits to Chernobyl, Alberta,
Port Arthur and four other disastervilles
Visitation* Jenny Erpenbeck (New Directions) A Novel about Life in a House
In the Brandenburg Mountains
The Voice of the Poet* Allen Ginsberg Random House Audio Live Reading of "Howl" and Other Poems
Walking with Abel*
Journeys with the Nomads
Of the African Savannah
Anna Badkhen (Riverhead) A Year with the Cow-herders of Mali ---
Filled with Some Astonishing Moments of Beauty
The Walls of Delhi*
Three Novellas
Uday Prakash (Seven Stories Press) Three Great Stories out of India Concerning
Corruption, Honor, Passion and Kafkaesque Shenanigans
War & Politics by Other Means:*
A Journalist's Memoir
Shelby Scates University of WashingtonForty Years of Memories
Of Journalism in Washington State
War and Turpentine** Stefan Hertmans (Pantheon) A superb study of Hertmans' grandfather who
lived through the idyls of the Edwardian period and
the ghoulish trench warfare of WWI
Washington Sculpture:*
A Cultural History of
Outdoor Sculpture in
The Nation's Capital
Hames M. Goode (Johns Hopkins) Over Five Hundred Sculptures
Illustrated and Explained
Water* John Knechtel, Editor (MIT Press) Various Eccentric Essays on Aitch-Two-Owe
Way to Paradise* Mario Vargas Llosa Picador Two Biographies from the 19th Century
We're All Doing Time** Bo Lozoff Human Kindness Foundation Surviving in Prison, Meditational Practices
Westward Ha!* S. J. Perelman Burford Humor
Carolyn Creedon (Kent State University Press) Poems, Reality, the Here-and-Now
By One of the American Masters
The Wetback*
And Other Stories
Ron Arias (Arte Publico) Fourteen Stories from a New
Magical Realism School
What They Do In the Dark*
A Novel
Amanda Coe (Norton) Life in a Yorkshire Viillage
After the Movie-Makers Come to Town
Whatever You Do, Don't Run:*
True Tales of a
Botswana Safari Guide
Peter Allison (The Lyons Press) What Not to Do When Faced
With a Pride of Lions
Where Have All the Soldiers Gone?*
The Transformation of Modern Europe
James J. Sheehan (Houghton Mifflin) How Europe Lost Its Militaristic Impulses
When All the World Was Young[B]*
A Memoir
Barbara Holland Bloomsbury Reminiscences of Growing Up in 1940s and 1950s America
When I Was a German:**
An English Woman Living in Nazi Germany
Christabel Bielenberg Bison/University of Nebraska Foreigners in WWII Germany
Where Stuff Comes From:*
How Toasters, Toilets, Cars, Computers, and
Many Other Things Come to Be As They Are
Harvey Molotch Routledge Where Things Come from and How They Affect Our Lives
White Waters and Black** Gordon MacCreagh Chicago Travel, South America
Why Walls Won't Work*
Repairing the US-Mexico Divide
Michael Dear (Oxford University Press) A Penetrating Look at
The Pretend Divide between
Our Two Countries
A Winter in Arabia**
A Journey through Yemen
Freya Stark (Tauris Parke) Six Months in One of
The Most Barren Spots on Earth
During the Early 1930s
Witnesses of Time:*[B] Photographs of Flor Garduño Introduction by Carlos Fuentes Aperture Central and South America Photography
Without Vodka:** Adventures in Wartime Russia Aleksander Topolski Steerforth Memoirs as Soldier in Russia, WWII
The Woman of Porto Pim* Antonio Tabucchi (Archipelago Books) A Touching Memoir of
The Azores and
The Whales
A Woman of Rome** Alberto Moravia Steerforth Italia Fiction, WWII Italy
Women with Big Eyes* Angeles Mastretta Riverhead Portraits of Thirty-Nine Women
Of Puebla, Mexico
Wondering Who You Are* Sonya Lea (TinHouse Books) A Stunning Tale of Losing Your Love in the Operating Room
And Finding Him Different (but Great)
--- Lurking Right Next Door
Words without Music*
A Memoir
Philip Glass (Liveright) This Glass Pretends He's a Composer
So He Can Drive Taxi and Be a Plumber
--- And Write a Dynamite Memoir
Woodpeckers of the World*
A Photographic Guide
Gerard Gorman (Firefly) 1,000 Photographs of the
239 Piciformes Worldwide
The Worst Journey in the World[G]* Apsley Cherry-Garrard Penguin Travels in Antartica
The Wright Brothers* David McCullough (Simon & Schuster) The (Often Surprising) Studies and Designs
Of the Two Brothers from Dayton, Ohio
Written Lives[B]** Javier Marías New Directions Twenty-Six Writers Briefly Described ---
Joyce, Nabokov, Faulkner et al
Wu Wei* Tom Crawford Milkweed Editions Contemporary Northwest Mystical (Albeit Realistic) Poetry
Wuthering Heights* Emily Brontë
Donada Peters, Reader
Books on Tape Taped Reading of the 1847 Classic
The Yiddish Policemen's Union** Michael Chabon (Harper Audio/Recorded Books) A Dark Detective Story about
"The Frozen Chosen"
Young Skins* Colin Barrett (Stinging Fly Press) The New Ireland of Tedium,
Easy Violence, Easy Love
Zen Cancer Wisdom*
Tips for Making Each Day Better
Daju Suzanne Friedman (Wisdom) Advice from One Who Has Been There
--- and Alas, Did Not Survive

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