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Pat Robertson
The greatest loss to the fundamentalist religions of America was the disappearance of Communism as The Enemy. It was stupendous tragedy for them and their faith: all of a sudden, in 1989, the bad guys went away. What's a good evangelical to do? The devil alone is never quite enough to stir people to, for example, send in yet another free will offering.

Fortunately, soon after Perestroika, Pat Robertson was able to invent something called "The New World Order." Mostly growing out of the United Nations, this Enemy Within is now trying to force us to surrender our rights, property, and guns to an internationalist government, donate a portion of our GNP to poor nations, surrender our armies, and be nice to homosexuals. Those miscreants who are pushing us in this direction: the UN, PBS, the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Brookings Institute, the IMF, various Ivy League left-leaning professors, and Washington think tanks --- of which the most trying of them all is the Council on Foreign Relations.

    Again, the terms and ideologies of the think tanks are synonymous through all the various institutional programs. But over and over, the models and heroes being elevated by these groups are such forward thinkers as Lenin, Marx, and Trotsky, along with Mao Tse Tung, Mahatma Gandhi, and even Adolf Hitler...Inspiration for the models and the turn of mind required by these disciplines comes most often from Zen and Hinduism, from New Age clones such as est and Unity, or from science fiction --- in works such as Ursula Le Guin's The Dispossessed. Is this really the new order that awaits us?

Note the juxtapositions: Lenin...Hinduism...Hitler...LeGuin.

As with many preacher folk, Robertson tends to clothe himself in the robes of the divine, or even more, the robes of the only begotten son. Thus, he, presumably, speaks on their behalf. If so, God and Jesus must be terrible paranoics, because there are so many enemies around and about. Forget The Prince of Peace and "love your neighbor." The devil is everywhere, especially among rich liberals and the one-worlders, and he must be rooted out, forcefully:

    They would also have a law of arms control. They could not have a system that allowed people to keep arms, because that would allow dissenters to foment revolution. So our constitutional right to keep and bear arms would be one of the very first casualties of world order legislation.

However, for us perenniel Robertson-watchers, there are a few surprises in The New World Order. Gays are only brought in for a public spanking on a couple of pages towards the end of the book. The newest and most pernicious enemy --- next to PBS and the IMF --- is not Ageism but New Ageism. Capital punishment? Liberals are going to be all for it soon enough:

    For most of the last fifty years the advocates of socialist and liberal institutions have been the most vocal opponents of capital punishment. Ironically, in the world to come they are going to need something like capital punishment to carry out their agenda. Don't be surprised to see some of these people switch sides on this issue in the very near future.

But what is most peculiar (and revolutionary) is Robertson's attitude towards military spending:

    If the nations were disarmed, there would be a sum more vast than the mind can readily accomodate available for peacetime development. What would $10 trillion buy? An inexhaustible source of power from the fusion of hydrogen atoms and cheap electritity for every city and dwelling on earth. Forests of billions of trees to reclaim the desert and restore the ecological balance so badly damaged by man. Plenty of clean, pure water for all the people.

Shiver my timbers! For Robertson to speak up for the the Peaceniks (and, to boot, the Greens) means that he's either sinking in his dotage, or, for a change, paying attention that which he has so patently ignored for so long: the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

--- A. W. Allworthy

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