By Robin Magowan Tales of strange and wonderful journeys into Persia, Haiti, Tibet, Africa, and Southern France --- including meetings with whores, revolutionaries, mad-men, trekkers, and the denizens of a dying village in Europe.

"A blazing masterpiece of magic..." --- The San Francisco Chronicle

"Vissi d'amore, vissi del vaggio might well be this writer's theme song. He travels in order to love, he loves in order to find himself elsewhere..." --- James Merrill

"What goes with him is an almost sacrificial openness to experience, a strange, microscopic memory for color, sky, bird, plant, wasteland, for café and market and, always, for persons, the eye to eye encounter..." --- Elizabeth Hardwick

"A travel book for inward adventure..." --- The Christian Science Monitor

ISBN: 0-917320-25-5 (Softcover) $8.95

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