The Petition
Against God:
The Full Story of
The Lansman-Milam Petition

By Pastor A. W. Allworthy

In 1974, two broadcasters filed a petition with the Federal Communications Commission, asking that there be a "freeze" on applications for noncommercial religious radio and television stations.

Within six months of the filing, more than 4,000,000 letters of protest had been sent to the FCC. Over the years, an estimated 50,000,000 letters dealing with this petition have clogged up the government mail rooms. Several years ago, the United States Congress was forced to allocate an extra quarter-of-a-million dollars for the Commission to deal with the prolix flow of letters (which, as of this writing, are still coming in at the rate of 1,000,000 a year --- even though the petitoin was denied over twenty years ago). One critic speculated that it was the Menckenesque nature of the authors' petition that inflamed the religionists, and caused such an uproar.

The book includes an unauthorized and eye-opening biography of the authors of the "Godless" Petition.

It was by their hands that we rose up to show the government...that if they ever tried to stop us, we, the God-fearing, would rise up and crush them with the sanctity of our purpose, to drive all devils from the halls of the FCC forever and ever... --- A. W. Allworthy

"Who's behind it all?" Bill Thomas, an official at Pacifica Foundation, says Lorenzo Milam, who co-sponsored the original FCC petition against religious broadcasters, egged on the controversy, apparently as a lark, by publishing the book, The Petition Against God, under the pseudonym, Pastor A. W. Allworthy.--- The Wall Street Journal

ISBN: 0-917320-07-7 (Softcover) $3.95

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