By Carlos Amantea

It was called "the Woodstock of Psychotherapy," a landmark conference held several years ago with those who have done most of the earthshaking early work in family therapy.

Twenty-six of the "craniate masters" were there, including Salvador Minuchin, Rollo May, Sophie Freud, and several who have since died: Virginia Satir, Carl Whitaker, R. D. Laing, Bruno Bettelheim, Murray Bowen.

Carlos Amantea --- a journalist for three decades --- writes extensively (and winningly) about them.

"Though the conference happened over ten years ago, this account is far from dated. Many of the participants were summing up their life's work, knowing, perhaps, that this would be the last chance to join with others who had such a profound effect on the theory of psychological practice in modern-day America. As a bonus, The Lourdes of Arizona includes a complete transcript of an interview by R. D. Laing with a "street person" (a diagnosed schizophrenic from the streets of Phoenix). Laing wrote a brief introduction to the interview especially for this book." --- Adolescence

"Amantea moves from scene to scene, sometimes systematically and sometimes seemingly at random, but the book is never spotty or superficial..." --- The Transactional Analysis Journal

"You may enjoy some of his eavesdropping on the Woodstock of psychotherapy." --- The Journal of Clinical Psychology

"His comments are often biting and hilarious. This is fun, gossipy reading for the clinician who needs diversion and perspective on a tough occupation." --- Contemporary Psychology

"Carlos Amantea has the perceptive eye of a poet and the rapier wit of a humorist in the genre of Mark Twain. Fortunately, he can also write. This combination is sure to amuse the literati and offend card carrying members of middle America." --- Jeffrey K. Zeig, Director, The Milton H. Erickson Foundation

"Bless you for making this cranky old man laugh..." --- Michael P. Nichols, Professor of Psychiatry

ISBN: 0-917320-30-1 (Hardcover) $17.95
ISBN: 0-917320-11-5 (Softcover) $10.95

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