Lorenzo W. Milam

A book about sickness, disease, hospitals, doctors, learning how to walk (again), learning how to love (again) as well as fear, anger, rage, passion, Spain, gay discovery and redemption.

It was featured on National Public Radio's "All Things Considered," and included in Susan Stamberg's new book Talk, drawn from her many years of interviewing for National Public Radio.

The first chapter was winner of The Pushcart Prize, and parts of the book appeared in Hippocrates Magazine.


"The most passionate and eloquent book I've read in years. More than about person or illness, it's a soaring plea for health and the sanity of the world..." --- Studs Terkel

"...not for the fainthearted, nor can it be appreciated by those who believe that books ought not to grab your guts and twist them...a maelstrom of rhapsodic, horribly beautiful prose...a passionate immediacy and a lyrical extravagance that hamstring criticism... achieves marvelous beauty." --- The New York Times Book Review

"...[a] brilliant writer...this is the work of a major talent..." --- Booklist

" compelling that no matter how painful it gets at times, one cannot easily put it down..." --- Disabled USA

"...never could I plug it in my column. Not one in 100,000 readers would understand it...But it's a brilliant book sobering, chilling and brilliant..." --- Abby Van Buren ("Dear Abby")

" passionately alive that it burns itself right into your mind. Milam is some kind of Walt Whitman of pain..." --- Newsday

"...graphic but heartrending...belongs in the library of every medical care professional..." --- The Journal of the American Medical Association

"...a beautiful, horrible, depressing, exhilarating book..." --- The Los Angeles Herald-Examiner

ISBN: 0-917320-10-7 (Hardcover) $15.95
ISBN: 0-917320-09-3 (Softcover) $9.95

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