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From: "selahaddin anac"
Subject:The Deluged Civilizations of Caucasus

Hello Ms Lark:
I am from Turkey and very much excited by Prof. Dr. R. A. Fessenden's work on The Deluged Civilizations of Caucasus and I am also a Circassian by birth and have a copy of some parts of the small book. I am intrested in a copy of the manuscipt of of unpublished studies of Prof. Fessenden mentionded in the preamble of the book mentioned..or if possible to get hold of any one who can help me do somework related to this topic such as the Fessenden Fund etc.. thanks in advance.. yours truly..

Dr. S .AnaŃ

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From: "Sybil True"
To: "''"
Subject: Fun 'n' Frolic in Albuquerque

The City of Albuquerque provides bread and circuses to its citizens in the form of Saturday evening ethnic festivals. Last Saturday was Native American Night, and we sipped our beer and ogled the huge crowd sweating, jostling, listening to music.

We saw a woman so wonderful that I can't let it pass without writing about her. She was a Native American, black hair to her waist, cowboy hat, low cut shirt, tight metal concha belt, turquoise jewelry. But the best accessory , and the one I'm really writing you about, was a bullet-wound scar at the top of her thigh, juist below the hem of her shorts. Her hand naturally fell over this inch-deep hole, and every once in a while, she would idly insert her fingertip, sometimes in time with the music.

S. True

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From: "McRae, Michelle"
To: "''"
Subject: Love "Dr" Laura?

Are you insane? She's not just some harmless and charmingly gruff character, she reaches a broad audience and disseminates hate speech. Her view of paedophilia is completely wrong - the ratio, and number, is higher in the straight community, meaning that gay men are not more likely to be paedophiles - and yet she gets to spread this bogus message to the eager ears of countless ignorant listeners. Anyone who spouts hate rhetoric is creating more harm than good. Love her? Are you insane?



Subject: loved this

I loved your piece on Dr. Laura.

I met Fred Phelps today outside P&G in Cincinnati.

Boyz still rule.

John Zeh
Rainbow News

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