On David Brancaccio
and Mexico

Ref: Squandering Aimlessly


Your review of David Brancaccio was really an attack on National Public Radio. You should have lived before there was a NPR. Our radio dial was terrible. For those of us who are bed-ridden, it is a life-saver.

It sounds to me that your reviewer is bitter. Maybe he is a frustrated broadcaster, someone who couldn't make it himself in radio. Why don't you find people who will be fair, won't show off their big words, and will actually read the books they are reviewing. We do, sir, live in a capitalistic economy.

If you don't like it, you can always emigrate to Cuba. Try Radio Havana for a few months.

Esteban Fuentes

Ref: Juquila


I read another of your mindless articles on Mexico.

There are other countries in the world that you might want to write about.

For instance, there is France, China, or Upper Volta.

Why don't you give them a chance?

H. Winkler

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