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Guru Yoga

Ref: Guru Yoga and Christianity


I don't think your Evan Wertz quite has the hang of the Christian communion. The spiritual significance of the rite -- the "with God, through God, in God" business -- seems to have passed him by.

I am, Sir,
Ever your obedient servant,


By the way, I keep meaning to write you to tell you how much I have enjoyed your writing over the years. I stumbled upon the Fessenden Review way back when (whatever issue had "Wokking Your Dog"). I subscribed relatively quickly and had Madge, The Subscription Lady send me the complete set of back issues...

I guess the thing I like most about Fesseden/RalphMag is that the reviews are just great writing in and of themselves. That is, even if I have absolutely no interest in the book being reviewed, I am entertained and educated just by the review itself. However, as I am sure you take your role as a reviewer quite seriously, I should make clear that the reviews have led me to read some of the actual books in question and I have not yet been disappointed.



I just read your article, "Tell Dr. Laura I Love Her" in Salon Magazine [to be found at Dr. Laura]. You paint a picture of her as "endearing" because of her superficial attitudes. However, this woman's ignorance is far more than "cute"; it's dangerous. You left out the gay issue, of which she is adamantly homophobic...and thus can do great damage to gays, considering the large audience she has garnered.

I don't find Laura at all endearing --- with or without any "bubbles" --- nor do I find your lack of perspective regarding her hatred towards gays (disguised as free speech), very endearing, either. In fact, by leaving out this gay issue, you contribute to the anti-gay dogma still so firmly entrenched in Amerikan society.

Of the most important aspects about "Dr." Laura, her gay hatred is Number One. But you ignored that completely, preferring to portray this witch as "loveable". I find "Dr." Laura about as loveable as Adolf Hitler was endearing. And your own blatant negligence about her villification of gays is not only inexcusable, but a slap in the collective face of gay and lesbian people everywhere.

You ought to rectify your insulting error by writing another article about Dr. Laura, specifically about her absurd gay-hatred. If you really need to educate yourself on this matter, go to:


Zeke Krahlin

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