A. W. Allworthy
Lolita Lark


I am trying to put together my family tree. Do you have any information as to Pastor A.W.Allworthy or as to where he can be contacted (supposing he's still alive)?

Hoping you can help me?

Yours truly,

Jonathan Allworthy


< Dear Jonathan:

Pastor A. W. Allworthy is a name we made up wholecloth. We always gave acknowledgement, of course, to Henry Fielding, who also created a Dr. Allworthy, in Tom Jones.

Rev. Allworthy, under our tutelage, has written countless reviews for RALPH (www.ralphmag.org) --- mostly on religious subjects. He also composed a book on the famous Lansman-Milam Petition, RM-2493, which created such a foo-foo-raw at the FCC many years ago.

Notice of it can be found at www.ralphmag.org/mho.html

I hope this helps not only to mystify but to inform you.

C A Amantea

< To: Lolita Lark

Subject: I love you

Priority: Normal

I love you, Lolita Lark. Please e-mail yourself to me. (Your accountant and pet may accompany).

/s/John Aalborg

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