How to Deal With the Priests Of Apocalypse --- a response
A Response to
"How to Deal
With the Priests
Of Apocalypse"
and Hustling


That guy Nickel doesn't know what he is talking about. Has he driven from Miami to New York lately? One big traffic jam. The beltway around DC is full all day long; the metropolitan area is growing at an almost exponential rate; and even if they were to start building an outer beltway to relieve the present congestion it would not be finished until 2020 or so and god knows what the traffic will be like then.

And if he's not worried about the pollution in this big "empty" country of ours, clearly he does not live in DC where we have been on red alert for a week and people with lungs like mine are not allowed to go outdoors and breathe.

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The same writer has comments about our review of
Assuming The Position:
A Memoir of Hustling:

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I am reading Rick Whitaker book at one sitting. It is nicely constructed, a little self conscious, he tries too hard in places but he is a writer.

I like his thoughts "Good sex is worth paying for if you have the money, just as a good concert is worth the price of admission..." and his quotes: Leonard Woolf feels passionately in the depths of my being that in the last resort nothing matters.

Whitaker has a whole lot left to work out but he has begun. I wish him well. After all he makes himself very vulnerable in his book and you were not all that easy on him in your review.

Power to him!


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