What Lord Keynes
Woodrow Wilson

Dear Editor,

Ref: Woodrow Wilson

Did you know that Lord Keynes called WW the Presbyterian Minister and Lloyd George the Welsh Witch?

I forget what he called Clemenceau.


Devoted Reader

[One of the writers for RALPH's predecessor magazine, The Fessenden Review, was Charles Krafft, a Seattle artist. Now that TFR has been resuscitated in its new electronic form, we asked Charlie if he would review books for us, and, if so, what kind of books he would like us get for him. This is his response:]

Dear Ed,

About the books you want to send...I don't read fiction. So don't send me any.

I'm fully into the history of Romania between the wars, biographies of obscure Nazis (please no Nurembergers), Italian fascists, and Eastern European despots, English homosexual fops and their friends, failed artists, alcoholic writers, philosopher suicides (Otto Weininger etc.), crackpot mystics, buxom courteseans, dope addicts, mulatto poets, and inventors.

Don't send poetry! I generally loath it like lima beans. I'll read Kipling, though, and other good rhymers. Nix on confessional free verse.

I enjoy reading about newspapermen, criminals/convicts, and foreign countries. Travel books, war books, and lavishly illustrated art books are always welcome (the more forgotten the artist the better).

Anthing reactionary, conservative, right wing, or perfectly preposterous is always entertaining, especially if it's been written by a member of an ethnic, religious or sexual minority group going against the tribal grain. Comic books are nice.

Books dealing with or promoting solutions to race/class differences, here and abroad, are eagerly sought especially if the authors have been vilified by the media, or academia.

Don't send anything about UFOs or Angels.



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