R  A  L  P H
  The Review of Arts, Literature, Philosophy and the Humanities 

Volume XVIII, Number 4 --- Mid-Winter, 1999 - 2000

Wooden Churches, Poetry about School,
Despicable Species (and Limpets), and
Horned Guans, Chachalacas, and the Plumbeous Kite

Diego Rivera
"In 1933, he was hired to do a fresco at Rockefeller Center,
but being the big wag that he was, he decided to decorate the walls
with revolutionary figures, like Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. The Rockefellers saw red,
covered it up, and finally hammered it away."

Marijuana Rx: The Patient's Fight for Medicinal Pot
"Eyeballs explode, stomachs rupture, people writhe in pain, and moaning,
starve to death.  Those who can provide relief instead withhold it,
and persecute those who try to help. Bad science fiction?
No, these are actual consequences of the government refusal
to allow seriously ill patients access to medical marijuana."

Million Dollar Mermaid
"The East Coast media has gone quite gooey over The Million Dollar Mermaid.
Interview on National Public Radio. Fond review in
The Washington Post, fond review in The New York Times ---
with a follow-up interview, a nice squishy one, by Todd S. Purdam."

The Insight Guide to Mexico,
Memoirs of a Minotaur, and
Desserts: Recipes from the Vineyards Of Northern California

Our Balloonman Which Art In Heaven
Part One
"He has balloons in all sizes and shapes, bunched together, on strings,
floating above his head. I favor the monstro, the monster head,
a funny face with squiggly balloons sprouting out over the top of it.
I wonder how he makes it look so --- well --- human."

Part Two
"There are many of the balloons, straining up on their strings,
and he is such a tiny fellow --- so much so that I half expect
to see him take off, floating away into the starry sky, rising up into the stratosphere.
Our balloon-man which art in heaven."

The Chicago Seven Trial on LSD
"Judge Julius Hoffman looked exactly like Elmer Fudd.
I expected him to proclaim, Let's get them pesky wadicals!
The court clerk looked exactly like Goofy.
It didn't matter that a Disney character
was making a guest appearance in a Looney Toons cartoon ---
one learns to accept such discrepancies in a dreamlike state."

How Grammar School Is Changing
"In the early years all of the teachers were Nouns.
They were very strict Nouns.
They wore black robes that reached to the floor and
had a fondness for caning the palms of your hands. "

Meeting A Bear
"Your near future,/ Even your distant future, may depend on how he feels
Looking at you, on what he makes of you/And your upright posture
Which, in his world, like a down-swayed head and humped shoulders,
Is a standing offer to fight for territory/ And a mate to go with it."

Waking in March
"This is the end of the world, I am dreaming
the end of the world, and I go from bed
to bed bowing to the small damp heads
of my sons in a bedroom that turns
slowly from darkness to fire. "

Jesus and Sex in Bangcock, and
Reader's Rage at the Recent Firing of RALPH's Senior Editor


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