Der Führer's Return

Adolf Hitler has returned to earth again, you know ---
Revivified by The Divine to journey amongst us again.
Most have not yet heard of this personal re-armageddon,
Have no idea that this slight corporal, one of god's agents,
Is now intimately involved with the dark but needy natives
Of the Mongu area near the Zambeze River.

Der Fuehrer has returned as a crab (Phthirius pubis)
On this the first of 1,000,000,000 scheduled visits. He is also to return, they say, as one or more
Stinkbugs, chinchbugs, bedbugs, potato bugs,
Lightbugs, darkbugs, pediculus humanus, drosophila,
Carp weevils and jigger fleas, each visit being

The first of a billion of a billion
Of a billion-billion.

I hear there are a few other bodies floating about
Other floating solar systems that are expecting him
Sometime in the next hecto-millennia for additional
Giga-reruns of his various bugheaded reincarnations.
They are not anticipating nor not not anticipating His presence (they never do)

just waiting.

When Der Fuehrer returned to earth for the next previous go-round
(In South America, shortly after his departure from the bunker
In the spring of 1945)
He came back as a nematode. They say he pulled himself up
A mighty two mm., waved his feelers, and gave a stirring speech
In buggy language to the massed midges in a towering field of pigweed.
Taking heart from his reception, Der Fuürer invaded
The springtime jute harvest just outside La Sangre de Maria,
And then attempted to incite a purge of katydids in a field of milpa.
Finally, they tell us he successfully incited a revolt of chiggers
Near the peasant huts twenty-five miles west of Puerto Angel.

Adolf Hitler, in this most recent of his returns,
Was finally terminated,
Squeezed to death between thumb and forefinger
(Left a meresmear of grey-green corpuscles)
At the hands of a crippled wall-eyed peasant
Named Ignacio El Triste:
A man who truly had no knowledge of the stature of his visitor.

They say Hitler has yet to divine the purpose of the divine,
And his particular place in the order of divine things.
They also say he has not lost his need nor flair for leadership
And a colony of pin worms are looking forward
To his apprenticeship in their pain-in-the-ass fraternity

Amongst the dark spirals of man
(And woman)

--- J. W. Torg

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