Genetic Engineering
Peter F. V. Jones

I asked the good Dr. Feelgood
If he could make two of me,
One with all the pain
(Knees grinding like stones,
Heart full of tremors, eyes
Watering endlessly, failing peter,
Liver turned to hard black bread),
The other sheer pleasure.

Well, he did it, but there was some error ---
Probably a system error, as they say;
My twin Matthew (or was it Mark, or Paul)
Got all the joy --- spends
Days in the fields of the gods,
Weekends on the warm seas.
Nights carousing with the ladies.

I pass my time nursing
Aching hands, bloody feet, funny heart ---
Sniffing noisily, endlessly,
Filling mountains with the sadness
At being human; a sorrow,
The great sorrow at what
You, and I, and the world,
Have gained,
Have lost.

© 1965 The Estate of P. F. V. Jones

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