Life Among the Walkies

Lorenzo Wilson Milam

Our author was
permanently disabled in 1953.
Yet over the many years since then, he has soldiered on
with pizzazz, complete with touches of joy and wit.

Thus, you might expect to find here
another up-from-despair tale of
one nobly winning out against all possible odds,
marching staunchly into an ever-brighter future.

Perish the Thought
  • This is, for one, the tale of a man who, beginning in 1962, launched a dozen or so "community" radio stations; subsequently inspiring the creation of scores of like-minded stations here, and abroad.

  • This is the chronicle of one whose lifelong efforts to "better the lot of humanity" have been cited in the The New Yorker, New York Times, the Washington Post, Time, Newsweek, the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Broadcasting, The Journal of the American Medical Association, the Vancouver Sun - - - with book reviews featured in the likes of the TLS, Publisher's Weekly, Library Journal, Booklist and Kirkus Review
    (with stars).

  • This is a man who appeared on the cover of a leading disability magazine in the buff, much to the irritation of some of its 40,000 readers who labelled it "disgusting," "pointless," "ignorant," "an embarrassment" and
    "for the wastebasket."

  • This is the narrative of one who ran a political campaign in the Pacific Northwest, the key plank being a proposal to turn the eastern part of Washington State over to Idaho because it was filled with little more than "rattlesnakes and nitwits."

  • This is also the story of one who drafted a petition to the FCC that managed to garner over 30,000,000 letters of protest - - - so much so that the agency, years after voting down the proposal, explained that they simply could not handle the continuing onslaught of mail.
    They still can't.

  • This is the chronicle of one who left his first radio station in the hands of a friendly foundation and, several years later, when the operation was sold for $6,000,000, asked the board to repay him for his ten years of time & trouble. The answer was no.

  • And, ultimately, we have here the story of one who, sixty years ago - - - ten years before Stonewall - - - tried to come out of the closet. Yet, in what some might call "disability apartheid," he was soundly rejected. So much so that he finally gave up. (Walkies assume that the disabled are asexual.) A few years ago however, he was gently outed on NPR's
    "All Things Considered."

    Title: Life Among the Walkies
    Author: Lorenzo Wilson Milam

    Publisher: Mho & Mho Works
    Box 16719
    San Diego CA 92176
    (619) 280-3488

    Publication Date: 15 January 2018
    ISBN 978-0917320085 (alk. paper)
    978-0917320042 (ebook)
    Size: 350 pages, 6x9.
    Price: $29.95 (Softback); $15.00 (ebook)

    Genre: Self-Help - - - Psychological Aspects of
    Aging and Disability.
    Distributors: Baker & Taylor, Ingram Books

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    Author tours: Five major cities.
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