To Say It Unbridled
TO: Lolita Lark

FROM: Tom Crawford

RE: Poems

Dear Lolita,

The Vivisection Mambo sits on my desk. In a restless state the other day and wanting to bring some 'real' poems to our little poetry group that meets on Wednesday, I took it down for another read. Again I was struck by its freshness . . . poems that begin in the right way, not only with something to say, but to say it unbridled. So much of what I read these days in mags and so forth, fail on both counts. I'm not writing to you to tell you this which you already know, but because, well, I want to share. I have poems, lots of poems but they rarely leave my study . . . only when I'm in an impulsive mood do they go out and then only to a few friends via email. I haven't sent out a manuscript in years. Enough said.

Ps. In 1956 I got off a bus in San Diego and entered Boot Camp. I Think my poetry began there as a sailor in a state of utter loneliness.

--- Best,
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