John Cage Tells
The President of TWA Airlines
About the Best Flight Food
August 3, 1980
101W. 18 St
New York
Mr. C. E. Meyer
President of TWA

I am flying again today on TWA and being obliged to take my own food with me because the vegetarian meals are not actually vegetarian, and not at all macrobiotic, which is the diet I follow.

Many vegetarian meals include animal fats (dairy products, which I don't eat). The others that don't include dairy products emphasize fruit or the Solanareae (potatoes, eggplants, tomatoes, peppers - - - all poisonous plants related to the deadly nightshade).

If I eat any of the Solanacede, I have trouble walking. I managed with the macrobiotic diet to get rid of arthritic pain and inflammation. I now take no aspirin or any other drugs.

I am sure that should you change the vegetarian meals to go with the macrobiotic diet that many travelers would be grateful. Essentially what we want is brown rice, beans, some vegetable, preferably carrot, turnip, broccoli, or squash, with ginger pickle or daikon pickle, and then some fish, not shellfish.

Instead of butter, sesame oil should be used. Tamari instead of salt. There are of course many other possible menus.

- - - John Cage
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