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RE: This Life by Karel Schoeman

Hi there:

In a review of an English translation of Karel Schoeman's book titled This Life the reviewer, Lolita Lark, suggested that Karel Schoeman was female.

Lolita wrote:

    My suspicion is that the only one who knows the answer would be Karel Schoeman. Her job is to write it and send out to the world (and with the help of a good translator) give us a mesmerizing book.

If Lolita had lifted some fingers and googled Karel Schoeman, she quickly would have found him do be male.

And there are no "Africaans" in South Africa. We are Afrikaners speaking Afrikaans. The black people are called Africans and speak a variety of languages, from isiZulu to Ndebele. The colored people are called Kleurlinge, bruinmense (brown people) or Coloureds.

    Sussie's mother and father like the other Africaans pushed out the black and the coloureds and finally the poor whites.

    Many Africaan words run through this story. (It was originally written in Africaans).

So many people want their opinions published, so few bother to do the slightest bit of research or fact-checking. Or take the time to read through their writing, to correct their spelling and typing mistakes. Pity. A few mistakes cast doubt on the veracity of the whole.

- - - Regards.
Jelleke Wierenga
Western Cape
South Africa
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