Human Heart
Cosmic Heart
TO: Lolita Lark

FROM: C. M. Mayo

RE: Human Heart, Cosmic Heart

Hola dear Lolita Lark,

    I relished your review of [Thomas] Cowan's heart book.

    Cowan is seriously out there, indeed so out there that I do not know any one else who would even read his book.

    I found Cowan fascinating.

    I will now reread your review and reread the book.

- - - Kind saludos from Mexico City
C.M. Mayo
My dear Mayo:

    Out there? Yes. Anyone who would recommend emu oil for our aches and pains has to be not all that far from the edge, not unlike the rest of us.

    On top of that, Cowan tells us that if we get a heart transplant, when we wake up, we'll probably show some of the characteristics of the donor.

    In the chapter titled "What's Love Got to Do with It?" he tells of a good old southern country boy who, unknowingly, got a heart from a recently deceased Afro-American musician.

    Not only did the recipient give up being a fan of country and western, he quickly fell in love with Mozart and Beethoven chamber music (the donor had been a classical violinist).

    Because of this, I am thinking of approaching Thich Nhat Han for a donation. None of us, I mean, none of us at all, wants to think of this kind soul departing this world . . . the one for which he has made so many sacrifices for so long.

    Still, with him being ninety, I would like to put one small plea: that when he decides to take his leave, I'd ask that he permit me to be first in line for his heart.

    I know I know: I'm 83, which is up there too, but even to have a few weeks of being in possession of his spirit and eternal good-will would make me, in my last days, ineffably content.

--- Lolita Lark
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