Mae Sarton
Mea Culpa

RE: Your Paradox-of-the-Month


I was surprised and amused to see you referenced my piece in the November 2016 issue of The SUN Magazine.

But I was horrified and dismayed to notice you've misquoted and oversimplified my piece in your OFFICIAL RALPH Paradox-of-the-Month November 2016. " ... asking that she "help me figure out who I was . . . "

If you go back and read my piece again you'll see that I composed a letter to May Sarton, thanking her for helping me to figure out who I am.

Your wording mistake/misquote is so far from the truth, I'd be grateful if you corrected your oversimplification and misquoting of my piece.

Or maybe better yet, take it down from your website.

- - - Best,
R. T.

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Hi, Obviously our Oliver Moore was drunk, stoned, or hung over when he came up with last month's Paradox-of-the-Month. (He is in charge of all our paradoxes, perhaps was overwhelmed by all the others in the world: the meaning of life, the latest in Trumpery from Washington, the newest on Occam's razor). We have chastised him thoroughly, and he is, as Pogo would say, "replete with rue."

We have also taken down your paradox; our replacement is now in place at

and we hope it is to your satisfaction.

Whenever anyone complains about something appearing at RALPH, and if we feel guilty, we reward the complainer with a free copy of our anthology, The Noisiest Book Review in the Known World (of which we still have several hundred under our beds, in the garage, closet, and bathroom). Yours is in the mail, and you are welcome to more (at cost) if it inspires you.

Most complaints that come to our letter box do not create guilt since we feel that our views - - - on contemporary politics, on current neo-Christian idiocies, and on media failure to report the truths of poverty, misery, the war on the working poor (and war-mongering in general) - - - are and always should be guilt-free.

Thanks you for taking the time to write us.

- - - L. Lark

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Jack London

FROM: Emiliana Tedesco

RE: Jack London

Dear all,

I wanted to thank you for the great review about the book Jack London: The Paths Men Take published by Contrasto and for sent to us the details of the article.

--- best regards,
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