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FROM: Andrea Tobias, CKD


Re: Folkloric Cribs (Pennsylvania Dutch)

My name is Andrea Tobias and I work for Premier Custom Built Cabinetry in New Holland, PA. My company is a custom cabinet manufacture in Lancaster County with a strong German and Mennonite workforce.

We are currently in the process of producing a video for our website that talks about the history of the Pennsylvania German people and their woodworking abilities. I found the attached photo on the internet and traced it back to an article with your email.

My question is; can I use this photo in our video with a credit to University of Alberta Press (or whatever credit is required if that is not correct)? The photo would be included with a number of other images that appear as someone talks about the details and craftsmanship of early woodworking.

Kind Regards,

Hi, Andy:

We don't own the credits on that shot. Please make contact with the University of Alberta Press and get the permission from them to reproduce it.

L. Lark
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--- Richard Saturday
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