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Carlos vs. Lolita

FROM: Tim Buchanan

RE: This Ralph Mag Thing

Lolita, Lolita, Lolita, what you got going girl? Why do I get Carlos as a stand-in when I'm looking for the source?

But what I discovered besides a copy of Smith's on point poem was this Ralph Mag thing. It is a wonder what wandering can offer as long as attention is paid.

I love the poem as I do many of Patricia's pieces of art.

As an English teacher I get what academic bullying is all about, like swatting flies, without regard for the natural beauty of a person's rhythm and use of what is free to us all to mess with.

Mediocrity with a malignant sense of purpose! Homogenized white bread, now with a comb over; damn! maybe I'm just too old! But running across Ralph has been a sweet treat - - - Thank you!

I'll subscribe and maybe I can entice students to venture slapping their own tongue on the page with purpose.

- - - Best Regards
Tim Buchanan
English Teacher
Calla High School
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Hi, Tim:

No big deal. As you know in the internet we are allowed always to be who we think we want to be, even if we imagine two to be one or one to be two or more (Carlos + Lolita = Anyone We Want) . . .

Poems? You like poems? We put out a book of poems from RALPH last year and it went blumph in the vast pool of great unnoticed American poetry books, probably because we spent so much time and love on it.

Send your address and we'll send you a copy to thank you, at least, for valuing RALPH as much as we do.

- - - Car-Lo
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