The Flakiest Dictionary
And the Best One
(With the Word "Callipygian")
To: The General Editor

From: The Copy Editor

RE: Funny Words

Could you send me a link for an online complete dictionary where I can check some of your more arcane words?

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To: The Copy Editor

From: The General Editor

RE: Funny Words

I went to the Cambridge online, and queried my favorite word, "callipygian."

They didn't have it.

I couldn't believe it.

So went to my personal favorite from over the years, Merriam Webster's . . . on line, and by god, there it was.

Look it up.

P. S. If you didn't have the chance to make it to the right page, this is what my wrinkled desk copy of Merriam Webster says about it:

adj [Gk.kallipygos, fr. kalli + pyge buttocks] (ca. 1800) : having shapely buttocks

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