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FROM: Eugene Shinn

RE: blule people photo/painting(2)

I love the close up photo. I am wondering if I could use it for the cover of a book I have completed. The title of the book is Terror from Timbuktu. It will be an Amazon Kindle book.

This is my first novel.

- - - Best wishes,
E. A. Shinn,
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Hi, Gene:

The picture comes from an illustration for one of the terrific stories of Barry Gifford, The Roy Stories, to be found at

We plucked the picture from the internet, but it doesn't belong to us. We borrowed it because (1) ours is a non-commercial operation and (2) we usually don't get anything in the way of $$$ - - - outside of rare subscriptions - - - for use of these images.

Sometimes photographers or artists or authors get miffed at one putting up a picture, drawing, reading or photograph for the world to see and love.

We always apologize, ask if they would be willing for us to send them a copy of our book, the terrific dual volume called THE NOISIEST BOOK REVIEW IN THE KNOWN WORLD (a compilation of our best stories, articles, poems and reviews, published in 2013) in exchange for their permitting us to continue to use their property. Since our volume weighs in at approximately two stone, it's quite a weighty gift, and after receiving it, they usually seem willing not to send us to the pokey.

If you wish to send us Terror from Timbuktu in readable - - - not electronic - - - form, please do. We couldn't open your attachment because our chief editor has a terror, not, alas, from Timbuktu, but from viruses - - - which, she has been told float willy-nilly in all attachments, which will cause our computers to weaken, cough, spit blood, and ultimately pass on to be buried in some electronic wasteland in Guiyu, China.

Terror from Timbuktu? With a title like that, we suspect it will knock their socks of.

Do let us see it.

- - - C. Amantea
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