Odd Friendships [Among Animals]
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RE: Unlikely Friendships, "The Diver and the Manta Ray"

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I read the article in Unlikely Friendships entitled "The Diver and the Manta Ray." It was one of several interesting animal friendship stories in the book. This one was about a friendship between a man and a manta ray, seemingly very unlikely indeed! The man, a diver named Sean Payne, encountered a manta ray while on an underwater film project off the Florida coast.

I noted that a picture showed a manta that seemed to have a fish attached to it. Perhaps the manta was desperately hoping that the diver would remove the sucker fish stuck on it? It would, I think, be very nice if parasitic fish were removed from dolphins, and other marine life people encounter. I have seen pictures of dolphins with parasites, and in spite of frequent contact with humans; no one ever removes the parasites attached to the unfortunate dolphins.

--- George Casey

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