Ryszard Kapuscinski

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RE: As worthy as its subject

Beautiful. Thank you

--- Martin Clarke
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RE: Beavers in Florida

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But if you are looking for beaver, no: the word Ichetucknee is the old Timucuan Indian word for "place of the beavers," and they (the beavers, like the Indians) no longer exist.

And yes: it's pronounced "ish-tuck-nee."

just an FYI: the above statement is incorrect --- there are beavers on the Ichetucknee. I have seen one myself in the river

--- Josh
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TO: Richard Daverman

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RE: Plato and Platypus

You: "A perfectly balanced wheel has an exactly even chance of dropping in a red or a black each time the spinning wheel is spun. There is no bias towards even-ing things out on the next throw, though the balance should work out if you take enough turns. Which you will find out only if you have enough money."

This works neither at Monaco nor at Las Vegas, because the odds are tilted towards the house by the addition of the green "O" and "OO" . . . So "there is no bias," No?

Also you forgot the one about the guy that walked into a bar and he had a frog growing out of his forehead. The bartender took one look at him and said, "What the hell?" and the frog said, "Don't ask me, it started out as a bump on my ass."

--- LL
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