Wrong Icehouse
TO: lolitalark@yahoo.com

FROM: www.icehouse.net/hdm

Subject: We are not the Icehouse you are looking for

I am not sure where you got your information about us but we are not the publishers of the book Uniforms. Our e-mail address of Icehouse.net is related to a company in Idaho. I have no clue who this Icehouse publisher is or anything about them. As far as I can tell this "book" that you reviewed is about such nonsense that I would be ashamed to admit to have read it let alone think it was great.

--- Dorothea Maxey
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Bladder Bags
FROM: alexhare85@gmail.com

TO: john@chinaunipak.com

Dear Customer,

This is Alex Hare , i send this inquiry to your company in regards to order some (Bladder Bags ) and i will be more happy if you can email me with the size and Prices that you have for sale as well...Please let me know if you do accept credit card as a form of payment, and that will be pick up at your location..Hope to read back from you soon.

--- With kind regards
Alex Hare
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