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TO: L. Lark, Editor


RE: Funny Shapes


I am writing to ask if you can tell me who the artist responsible for the "Minds Eye" painting on your site ?

It is embedded in this page of your website

Any help would be much appreciated.


John Douglas

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Hi, John,

Beats the hell out of us. We usually pick these images off the internet, and, after seeking permission, put them up. We have no exact record of this one.

We typically seek these out by picking two or three words . . . totally unrelated words . . . that turn up in the article or reading (in this case, they were probably "the philosophy of consciousness" or "the models of self" or "neuropsychological syndromes" or --- certainly "mind's eye").

These are phrases which neither you nor I or probably anyone else in the world outside of Google would be able to visualise, much less find a picture for).

We then run the whole kaboodle up the flagpole to see who salutes.

--- L. Lark
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