Twisted Spoon Press
And Bogdan Suceavã's "Miruna"
Miruna; A Tale

Iris Curteis


Hi, I'm a storyteller, and, looking for Magyar/Carpathian folktales, I stumbled into your site. I'm fascinated by Bogdan Suceavã's Folktales from the Carpathian's.

Can you advise e where to get a copy, please?

Best wishes,
Iris Curteis, Ph.D.
Social Artist, Storyteller & Writer

In our rapidly changing world 'playing it safe'
is one of the riskiest things we can do.

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Hi, Iris:

And thanks for your email.

I assume that you read our review of Miruna by Bogdan Suceava
or, our reading from that book, which can be found here.

This book came to us from Twisted Spoon Press, located in Prague. Their homepage is at

They are a very good, faithful, honest and true house, and

publish works in English, Czech, German, Finnish, Polish, Hungarian (and possibly Bantu and Pitjantjatjara). We have given stars (our highest award) to several of their titles, most lovingly to "Of Kids and Parents" by Emil Hakl.

Their address is Twisted Spoon Press - PO Box 21 - Preslova 12, 150 21 Prague 5, Czech Republic

and you can email them at
--- L. Lark

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Dear Friends at Twisted Spoon ---

We received the following email concerning our recent review of Bogdan Suceava's "Miruna."

While we have you on the line, we still think you are the cat's pajamas, and would love to have copies of two or three of your latest titles.

Did you ever get our two volume book of excerpts from RALPH, The Noisiest Book Review in the Known World,
which included our take on "Of Kids and Parents?" If you didn't, we'd still love to send it to you (again).

And we are putting out a book of poetry this fall, THE VIVISECTION MAMBO which we will send you too, if you wish. (In fact, you are so good we will do anything you like, except coming to visit --- being a geezer, and a common drunk on top of that, we will skip the 14 hour journey to Prague this time around).

--- Plz advise.
Lolita the Lark

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