A Friendly Letter
From Warren Buffet
    Attn C. A. Amantea ,

    Iam Mr Arthur Espy, A Notary to Mr.Warren Buffett and also a family friend, before the death of Susan i made her a promise that i will carry out all the necessary documentation to make sure every beneficiary of 7.Million receive their funds successful.

    Herein you are refer to as Beneficiary of One Hundred Thousand United States Dollars ($100.000USD) approved charity fund by Mr Warren Buffet

    As official procedure demands, I am appointed to make legal Notary and final verification on your data information before Mr Warren buffet bank will transfer the money and to avoid mistake i want you to reconfirm your Full Name, Address, Phone, Number,Occupation ,Purpose of application and what your monthly salary .

    I have attached my own USA passport for identification purpose.

Your in services
Mr Arthur Espy.
USA Notary

§   §   §

    Hi, Mr. Espy:

    As you may recall, you sent us a letter like this almost a year ago. We responded at once to the affect that we were dazzled by Mr.Buffet's generosity and interest in us to help. We sent a long list of our needs, especially as you know since our dear daughter who since the wreck has been usable to even move one finger although the doctors have assured us that once we get enough money to pay for the surgery that she need , she will have to remain in bed until we can begin the retraining a long hard road.

    I notified you several times of this, even sent a telegram in care of Mr. Buffet and ultimately tried to call you at the offices of Mr. Buffet. Once we explained our desperate situation there one of your secretaries there (I think her name was Bonnie), she became so moved that she sent us $10 paypal which she said that it was all she could afford at the time because of her cancer.

    She also said that she didn't know anyone there by the name of Espy, but there are so many of you she didn't know everyone but said she would continue to reach you to tell you our plight.

    Since you last contacted us, Linda --- my beautiful once so playful always happy daughter --- has gotten considerably worse. The doctors say that unless we come up with the funds for her operation she may not last for long. I repeat ... nay, I beg you please if you have a heart let open it like a flower, let a little ray of light come bursting in to our now dark sad life here in Baltimore.

    Sometimes late at night, I go to Linda's room, now clean, cold, just as she left it over three years ago that terrible night she almost died. I think how a simple surgical procedure can bring her back to us, her sweet laughter, her little dimples, the way she dances when she try her attempts to sing (she was never very good at it she always told us) singing Beatle's "All the Lonely People" to keep us cheerful even during the all the times after my wife's stroke with the loss of the house when the bank foreclosed because after my (I admit; I had a little drinking problem; that's why I couldn't control the car but I swear there was ice on the road and the brakes wouldn't hold, I didn't see the kid I swear to you) I've no longer been able to work so we had to move into this motel (it's called the "Honeymoon Motel" although this is not hardly a honeymoon for my wife and I, it's a little noisy which my wife tries not to complain of) the people who work here try to help us out. Beulah who lives in the southeast part of the city tries to bring us a little piece of chicken from time to time, but she is very poor her husband has been in jail for almost ten years now although they are thinking he might get the parole next year and doesn't have much to share.

    She says that with her nephritis getting worse and worse, she may have to stop working, have to stay at home with that one son who she has never been able to make read or write what with the birth defect and everything.

    So Mr. Espy I still have faith, and belief in God's good will I hope you do too. But unless you can give us something soon ... I don't know what will happen ... I get tempted the freeway bridge is not really that far from here up maybe 200 feet above the ice in the river and sometimes I listen to the birds that live just under the bridge and think that I should...

    What am I saying? I'm sorry to bring you into all this still I think of what my sister-in-law did when she had all those problems when the vandals burnt her house down and beat her up she had to move back in with mom and dad despite the Alzheimer's. Please help, even it it is just a few dollars by paypal I'm not sure how much longer we can wait.

    --- "Broad Shoulders"
    (That's not really my name, but with
    all these problems, that's what I feel like sometimes.)
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