The building super
woke me up
He made unhappy noises
chewing his bottom lip

He stood in deep contemplation
Staring at my framed portrait
and forgot all about
the leak he came to fix
"Ah, you have Tito," he said
"I was wondering where he'd gone"

Fucking hell
I'd run from room to room
when the doorbell rang
Hiding Lenin busts
And the complete works
Of Kim Il Sung
Khomeini, Hitler, Bin Laden
Something to offend everyone
not to mention the mess
But I hadn't counted on this

I asked:
from the former Yugoslavia?
"Kosovo," he replied
"Maybe you have Hoxha too?"

I sheepishly pulled a book from my shelves
Then a second and a third
Grimly but with a grin he said
"Now there's a real dictator for you!"

"But tell me: where are you from?
Your people, that is
And how long are you planning
on staying here?"

--- From Last Supper
Aaron Cometbus
©2014 ARP Books
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