FROM: Anon

RE: Our Cheatin' Wives

These lonely wives need a friend because their husbands have not been taking care of them in the bedroom.

We have created the worlds best Affairs community for married women that want to have a discreet relationship where they can never get caught by their husband.

You should consider becoming friends with one or more of these cheating wives.

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Hi, Anon:

Thank you for your enticing letter. We were slightly enticed.

We have also recently crossed the bar. We trust you know which bar we are talking about. The bar that can never be uncrossed.

Certain things come into being, other things pass on. White hairs bustin' out all over. Used to be pimples (remember pimples; and acne; and hours and hours of face picking. You remember, no?)

Different now. Seems like the old Peterbilt's running out of gas. Transmission's shot. Drive shaft --- you don't want to hear.

The mirror in the morning, the falling waters at night, all night, and the daily march slav of the Wrinkle Brigade.

If you aren't familiar with these things, Anon, rest assured. You will know, sooner rather than later. They creep up on you, and it isn't the warm, slightly scented hands you recall from back then moving so gently (inevitably) down from the shoulders, drifting up from the knees.

No, these are hands complete with Lentigo senili, Excoriation, and something called Purpura. Gorgeous word, sounds like an island off Fiji. But it isn't. It's the Blotches, on the hands, the hands we've been using and used to for so long, now blossoming with strange new flowers. That may not be all that decorative.

Purpura: sounds pure, clean, like a dreamy island. Gentle morning surf whisper.

Isn't, though.

Thanks for the invitation to call anyway. It brought back a few memories . . . like when cheating was a game (no more) and "tap here to become a friend" (not that easy anymore) and "discreet relationship" (that never worked out, did it? Everyone seemed to know.)

Maybe it's better just to let these things drift away, a gentle fading . . . the one that we all begin to hope for when they start taking away all the other things we used to hope for.

--- Your friend,
Wally W.
(Once known as "The Bustle Hustler.")
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