I kicked myself out of paradise
left a hole in the morning
no note no goodbye
was patient and hairy

he cared for the animals
worked late at night
planting vegetables
under the moon

sometimes he'd hold me
our long hair tangled
he kept me from rolling
off the planet
     it was
always safe there
but safety

wasn't enough. I kept nagging
pointing out flaws
in his logic

he carried a god
around in his pocket
consulted it like

a watch or an almanac

it always proved
I was wrong

two against one
isn't fair! I cried
and stormed out of Eden
into history:
the Middle Ages
were sort of fun
they called me a witch
I kept dropping in and out
of people's sexual fantasies

I work in New Jersey
take art lessons
live with a cabdriver

he says; baby
what I like about you
is your sense of humor

I cry in the bathroom
remembering Eden
and the man and the god

--- Enid Jacob James
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