Ma, He Sold Me for a Few Cigarettes
The Martha Long Memoir
RE: Martha Long Memoir

From: Pedma-Tara Roushdy



Today I finished reading Martha Long's first book in the 'Ma...' series. Then I read your critique of it. If you were writing about a fiction novel, I would agree with you. But this book is a memoir. You want more beauty in the book. But this was her life, and maybe there wasn't enough beauty in her life. The book makes the reader feel the despair, the repetitious abuse, the helplessness, and feeling that it will never end for the poor girl. That is what her life was like, and I believe that is what a memoir should do; bring the reader into her life. The book did it's job in showing how ugly and brutal her life was, and how disgusting where the people in her life.

--- Regards,
Tara Roushdy
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