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Have you been naughty this year?

There's Still Time!

Enter flirty chat rooms and chat online with fun-loving people who are eager to find other singles for exciting dates.

Meet new people, flirt without serious intent, enjoy webcam sessions and mingle with singles in a fun way when you join the largest venue for playful people!

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--- Toots LaRue
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Hi, Toots:

And thanks for the warning.

Since all of us here at our magazine are now card-carrying members of the sourpuss super-geezer class, we do have to be careful. God knows if you turned up and started flirting without warning, we might be carried off with an unexpected attack of some sort. We appreciate the tip-off.

We have serious doubts that any of us at this stage would be wanting to "flirt without serious intent," or even "join the largest venue for playful people" --- especially if we will be required, at the end of this venue, to actually perform something "playful" if not extra-legal.

Although all acts might be illegal if they require us do anything revealing in front of one or even a large venue of peoples.

In addition, we might not have much to offer in a "webcam session" --- god knows whatever that may be.

And the thought of "flirting" at this time of life does, we have to confess, make us want to lie down quickly and take a nap, or better, take a breather, or --- best of all --- take a raincheck.

Thanks for thinking of us anyway, and we hope that when you flirters do get together, you will think of us who --- when you were still in diapers --- were actually pulling off some of that stuff you talk about without having an angina attack.

As you guessed, when warned, we certainly went no further.

--- Lolita Lark

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